Monday, 30 April 2012

The Move

The move of the shop from 355 to 335 - yes just down the road on the same side - has happened. We started at 2.00pm on Saturday when the shop closed in the little old house.
We were ready for business this morning - all looking good and bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Lots of thanks have to go to my husband, nephew, staff and lots of customers who volunteered to help - what a difference it made to have so many people all doing their bit to help - thank you guys.

We are now in a 'shop' shop and are already loving having a shop window that is attracting 
more customers than the little old house did. I will aim to get some photos taken tomorrow 
from the outside and the inside for that matter.

This move has been the best thing that we have done for a long time - the new shop looks
so cool - even if I say so myself - but customers are saying it too, which is so exciting.

See you all there soon.


  1. How exciting for you Robyn. I wanted to come in today but work got in the way (how annoying!) Will definitely be in as soon as I can to check out the new shop!

  2. Looking forward to visiting on a future trip to Auckland - I am always impressed how the shop is set up with little "rooms" of fabrics. No doubt the window displays will be warm and attractive.

  3. Congratulations! Maybe I can get down that way one day.

  4. Thanks for your comments - I hope you love the new look as much as we all do. Looking forward to your visits. Robyn