Saturday, 31 May 2014

Barbara's Patchwork of the Crosses

Barbara has been busy English Paper Piecing this year. She started with hexies and 
now she has join us with Patchwork of the Crosses.

This is her last set of hexie blocks. She took up the Challenge to make one unit 
each week and this is her May collection.It is so nice to see a collection in William 
Morris fabrics. They are working well for fussy cutting.

She has found a pattern for using her hexies that means she has only another four
units to make and then she needs to do the filler hexies. I hope she 
does better than me when it comes to getting deviated from the 'hexie plan'.

And these are her first Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.

Thank you for sharing your blocks with us so regularly Barbara.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Progess

This week has been busy on my Patchwork of the Crosses. It is just so addictive.

I have been working on getting more of my Crosses blocks surrounded 
in the background fabric.

This a new block that I finished last night - I have been trying to get away from the
 centre of the Crosses block always being the focal point.

I now have five joined up for the first row which will probably need to be seven if I am 
doing the full size quilt - it depends where it all comes to the bed. 

I have just been and laid it out on our double bed and it comes to the edges and 
very slightly over the edge so maybe that is enough as it looks quit nice as a topper on our textured cream bedspread that goes to the floor.

So I think make it five across and get a few more rows made  and joined on and 
then review the decision. As you can see from the photo only one row is actually
joined - the other blocks are just placed in position.

Yes she always has to have pride of place!!
And yes the bedspread needs washing often thanks to her!!
Things will have to change when Patchwork of the Crosses gets into pride of place!

100 Modern Quilt Blocks 30 -39

These are my next 10 Tula Pink Modern Quilt Blocks.

I shared these ones with my group earlier in May - now they all have the challenge 
to make their own sets ready for Show and Tell early in June.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Red Crosses Block

This week I have got more of my cream honeycombs on some blocks so I can
get more added together. And I have made this red block.
I do quite like the almost one colour blocks.

A friend brought this in for me today so I am looking forward to using
it in the next block I make. 

We are still getting an amazing response to Patchwork of the Crosses.
We have people coming in everyday to buy a kitset or share their blocks with us.

We now have two people making their blocks in taupes and two planning to use French General. I will try and get some photos of them for you to see.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Progess

This week I have been working on getting some more of the cream fabric honeycombs
around some of my blocks. I suddenly had that thought that it was going to get very
boring  if I left that step until the end!!!!

I also chose by fabric for the little squares that join the blocks together and frame 
the fussy cut corner units.

So this is the first two blocks joined together. I decided that I could start putting my 
quilt together as I could choose fabrics for future blocks based on what was needed
in the overall layout.

The corner units are fun to make too as they are four fussy cut squares.


Then Shirley gave me this block. She decided to join in us in the POTC projects
but also decided that the 1800s fabrics were not really her favourite thing.
So she is off into the Japanese Taupe Corner choosing fabrics that might work.
It will be exciting to see what she comes up with.

Our Patchwork of the Crosses Group was advertised on this week's email. 
You can see details on the News page of the shop website

If you are not able to come you can opt into an email membership. 
This will get you photos of  the blocks shared each month at the Group.
But you will need to send us photos of your blocks so group members can enjoy
them at meetings. Email the shop to join this group -

Back soon, Robyn

Friday, 9 May 2014

Two New Crosses Blocks

This has been a good week for getting two Patchwork of the Crosses blocks finished.
I got one almost finished while I was down in Ashburton.
Both blocks are quite subdued and I really like them.

This week I decided on the background fabric and then decided it might be
 best to get some of the honeycombs on them.

Otherwise it would a boring job getting all the backgrounds on all the blocks at once.

And today I decided on the linking fabric. This will be in all the little squares 
that allow the blocks to be joined together and it will outline the corner squares.

This project is proving very popular a the shop, so I will be starting a monthly group
where we can share ideas, swap fabric and maybe even blocks.
Watch the shop website ( for details next week.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses with Barbara Brackman fabric

I just couldn't resist a piece of Barbara Brackman's "Morris Modernised" fabric.
This was the result.

The stripey fabric wasn't part of the range but the rest was.
I think their might be more to follow.

And here are this week's hexies.

Barbara has sent in this photo of her hexies made over the last month in William 
Morris fabric - what a fabulous collection.

Congratulations to Barbara on winning the fabric draw again.

Don't forget to send your English paper Pieced blocks in to
so you could  win some fabric at the end of next month.
It would be great to have some more photos to put up on my Blog next month.

Hopefully I will see lots of you at The Auckland Quiltmakers Show this weekend 
at the Jubilee Building in Parnell. Bring along your hexies, Patchwork of the Crosses or other EPP projects to show me. I will have my Crosses blocks there with me.
See you there, Robyn