Thursday, 30 May 2013

1930s Blocks - Final Three

The last of my 1930s applique blocks are done and I don't know what the alternating
pieced blocks are going to be!!!! But they will be pieced - maybe Nine Patches
or something simple.

New blocks

The set

Back soon with the answer - what will those alternating blocks be?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

1930s Progress

Two more blocks are made and two more prepared for stitching. 
Then there is just one to go - how cool is that.
I am pleased with the progress.

But the plan I had for the alternate blocks isn't going to work as these blocks 
are already on point  and the plan I had needed them straight!  Oh darn. 
Back to re-designing  - not to worry. I haven't done any cutting or sewing 
of the pieced blocks.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Japanese Taupe Challenge 2

You may remember my previous Taupe Challenge Post on 2 April - well this is
the second one. We have to make a 9" square piece each month and each 
of the nine people in the group get to  set the topic. I was up first for Month 1 
and chose "Leaves No Flowers".

Month two was Cindy's turn to choose a topic and she chose "A Pieced Block". 
This is my month two piece.

As you can see I am working n a specific colour palette. I really enjoyed the 
embroidery that I did down each seam line. Now it is off to think about the
coming month. We will be exhibiting them at the shop at the end of the year, so 
you will be able to see what everyone else did and of course they do look so much 
better in real life - a photo is good but not that good.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

1930s Blocks Progress

I have two more blocks made in my collection of 1930s fabrics.

They really are so very quirky these blocks, but I love them. I will need to start thinking
about the pieced blocks that I want to use alternating with these applqiue blocks.

I now have eight blocks made and need four more. Back soon with more.

Monday, 13 May 2013

More 1930s Blocks

Now I have six blocks made. I will need 13 for this quilt.

These are the latest two.

These blocks are fun and quite quick to make and such a change for me - I am 
really enjoying it. They will be mixed with alternate pieced blocks.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Two New 1930s Blocks

I am really loving making these 1930s blocks. It is such a change to be working 
with these fresh vibrant prints.

I have broken down the pink appliqe flowers above  and have made them as 
individual petals rather than one piece. It has made those narrow dips easier.

Don't you just love these fabrics.

Back to the ironing board now to get another block prepared with freezer paper.
Back soon, Robyn.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Auckland Quiltmakers' Show

I spent the last weekend at The Auckland Quiltmakers' annual show - I think it was the 
best one we have put for several years. There were so many innovative and exciting 
quilts, a nice balance of large bed quilts and small art wall pieces.

I put in four quilts - two large bed quilts and two wall pieces. The bed ones were by 
Japanese Applique based around Yoko Saito's Applique blocks that you have 
seen on previous posts (5 September 2012 for the finished quilt) and this one just finished.

I am sorry the photo isn't better - I couldn't get close enough for my flash to work well 
and then be able fit the whole quilt in, so there is a bit of shadow across the top of the quilt.

This my Small Works piece. We had this exhibition as part of our Show this year instead 
of a separate event in a local gallery. This piece is small - 14" by 17".

It is called "New Zealand My Home, Japan my Inspiration".
I live in New Zealand and wouldn't live anywhere else, but my quilting inspiration 
comes mostly from Japan. Hence the pohutukawa and kowhai flower from
my home country and the others from Japan.

I have made it with painted sections and embroidery.

The other wall piece was my Embroidered Flower Garden that you have 
also seen before on 17 January 2013 as a finished piece.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1930s Block 2

This is block two of my 1930s series. It is really nice to be working in a different 
palette for a change. These blocks are really quite quirky, but I like them.

Two down - lots more fun to come.