Saturday, 27 May 2017

NICU Quilts

Over the last two weeks I have been busy making Little Quilts for 
Auckland Hospital's Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Through the shop we aim to make about 800 - 900 quilts per year.

These 16 quilts were all made from some sample rectangles given to me 
by one of my wholesalers, but the fabric are so pretty that no 
clever design is needed - the fabric does all the work.

Some are soft and pretty and are quilted with a wavy stitch across the diagonals.

Others are a little bolder in colour and are quilted with double
straight lines on each seam line.

Our minimum measurement for these ones that go home with babies is
20" by 24" - these are a little larger but that is fine.

We also do some 1 metre by 80cms which act as incubators covers 
in the wards and don't go home.

I have also been back out at school for day two of our quilt programme.


The aim this week was for all our rows to be sewn together and they did very well.

They sewed while I ironed!

Back to hand quilting my new taupe Block of the Month "Kyoto Flower Pots" now.
Back soon.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

2017 School Programme

This year's Redoubt North School Programme is underway with a new project this year.

This is my sample - Trip Around he World in Elizabeth Hartman's Pond fabric range.
I can cut you a kitset if you would like to make a quick and easy quilt.
The squares were cut 6".

I have 26 students involved this year which takes our total to 100 quilts
made by 100 students. This the fourth year of the programme.

Each student makes their own quilt which they get to take home.
I have organised sponsorship for all the costs of the programme, as this 
school is in a low economic (decile) area. 

This Friday they planned the layout of their quilts.

There was lots of excitement as they opened their bags to reveal their fabrics 
and even more as their quilts took shape on the floor or table in front of them.

Then is was on to some accurate machine piecing and wow did they do well.

Some finished their first row and began piecing their second.

Back in a fortnight with more progress.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Taupe Quilt Now Finished

My Taupe quilt is now almost finished - just a bit more hand quilting to go.

It now has a name - "Kyoto Flower Pots".
It is named for my favourite city in Japan and because it is made in the Japanese 
woven and printed 'taupes' that Japanese fabric companies design so well. 
And of course every block is a pot / vase of flowers.

The original was designed by Lori Smith but was a small quilt.
I have enlarged and multiplied it up to make a bed size quilt.
It will be available as a Block of the Month starting at the end of next week.

Here are photos of two blocks that I managed to miss posting earlier.

Second version - managed to make my Freezer Paper pieces in reverse 
but it turned out to be a good idea rather than a mistake!
It makes my two blocks in mirror image.

Back to the hand quilting now.
Back soon with a new project or two!!!!!
Probably one hand work and one machined.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Taupe Quilt Top Finished

My taupe applique blocks now have their machine pieced partners.

They are all joined together into a quilt top, complete with borders.

Sorry this photo is not great - it was on the floor ready for pin basting and 
I just can't far enough from it to get a really good photo.

I have machine quilted in the ditch of the blocks and around the two borders.
Now it is time for some hand quilting.

We will start cutting this at work next week as it is our newest Block of the Month.