Friday, 28 March 2014

Hexies Change

Back this week with two hexies and another idea for Fussy Cutting and English 
Paper Piecing - oh darn more ideas!!

This is fussy cutting a motif and is the last of the 22mm hexagon papers.

Now it is onto 16mm papers with this one.

The comparison of sizes. 
Yes they are eventually going in the same quilt - somehow - I hope!

This is another miniature project I am working on - how many does a girl need
going at one time! Quite a few it seems. 

This is a cute variation. The background you can see is just 4 1/2" .
I have twelve flowers paper pieces ready to applique onto the background.
It will make a little quilt measuring 17" by 21".
It comes from a Little Red One series we have at the shop.
They are all miniature quilts and so cute.

These are Barbara's hexies for this month - aren't they really nice in the William Morris Reproduction fabrics. Several are made using her prize from last month - well 
done Barbara - they look great.

This month's winner is Malcolm - I will have some challenging taupe for you Malcolm!
I think it will come from my stash this time so I can give you something that we no longer 
have in the shop! - That shouldn't be much of a challenge for me!

Now the new idea - oh no not more!! This one is thanks to a customer who came 
and asked if I knew about "The Patchwork of the Crosses".
I didn't but I do now and can't wait to start!

Aren't these cool blocks made with a honeycomb shape.
All Paper Pieced just like our hexies but these were made by Lucy Boston in post-war 
Britain. So as we know there is nothing new under the sun.

This is her whole quilt. When you get into the book and the photos she has used 
some amazing and varied fabrics.

We have made up kitsets with the book, the honeycomb templates and the squares 
that work as the sashing. So get in quickly and start stitching along with us. 
Don't know if I will get block made for next Friday but you never know I might.

Back soon with some more small hexies and maybe a Crosses block.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lots of Hexies and a Diamond

This week I have so much to share with you. I have used that fabric I mentioned last week.

 I took lots of photos at our 1800s Club on Tuesday - they are working on Di Ford style 
quilts and wow are they into 'fussy cutting'.

The fabric and it was more of a challenge than I thought!

These are three hexies made from it - not my favourites I must say.


Now to our 1800s Group.

Don't you love the third row of hexies added.



Diamonds instead

Anna even had a hexie bag to bring her English Paper Piecing  to group in.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

100 Modern Quilt Blocks #11- 20

We have just had our next get together of our shop Breakfast Club.
They are all making Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.
We all started with the same set of fat eighths and it is amazing
how different the blocks are looking already.

These are blocks 11 to 20. Each month the Club members need to make another 
10 blocks and they are doing very well so far.

At the meeting we had lots of discussion about which way around some
blocks should sit. 



This way, that way or that way or maybe the other way! What do you think?

This or that?


This or that?

Oh dear - we decided it was a matter of opinion, but several of us had very definite opinions about which one was right. Looking forward to hearing what you think. Add a comment.

Hexie Challenge - Two Muted

This week I have two muted coloured hexagons to share.

These two are fussy cut motifs.

This the next fabric I am going to try. 
I wonder how many different ones I can get out of this.

Back tomorrow with my next ten "100 Modern Quilt Blocks".
Our Club is going so well - such an exciting project, such great women and so 
much valuable discussion regarding colour placement, colour theories, block 
directionality and piecing techniques.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hexie Challenge in Red

This week I have made two red hexagons.
Both are made using a motif as their feature.
This fussy cutting is so much fun.
Do send us your photos.
Shirley is making her set in woven Japanese Taupe fabric.
Elizabeth brought these in for Show and Tell and aren't they stunning - a
pin cushion and needle case made by her mother at least 40 years ago.
It just goes to show nothing is new - she was fussy cutting back then.
This is the back of the pin cushion.
Our English Paper Piecing Sewing Group starts at the shop tomorrow afternoon so I have an afternoon of sewing and demonstrating Paper Piecing Techniques. - looking forward to that. Back soon.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Exciting Fabric and Prize

February is over so it time for the first prize draw and an exciting new hexie unit.
This piece of fabric has made a really cool hexie unit. I love the way the vine ends up creating a cicrcular shape. It is so hard to find or identify fabric that might do this.
But practice looking will get us all there.
This unit needed a careful choice of centrepeice to create the unit.
It is my favourite unit so far.
Now for the prize - the first month's draw came up with Barbara's name.
She has been making William Morris Hexie units.
I love the effect she has achieved with the one on the right creating such a ring.
Some of the latest William Morris fabrics will wing their way to you on Monday.
Congratulations Barbara.