Friday, 24 February 2012

Jo Morton Block 3

Yeah, it was good to get back to some applique - I am convinced that is my favourite 
technique. I find it relaxing and can do it in front of TV and in a social setting.

But I do need to keep at the quilting, so back to it tonight, but this is the next little 
Jo Morton block - just 6 1/2" finished.

Have a great weekend. Robyn

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

1800s Quilt

Thank you all for your comments on the Japanese Quilt progress. I have done another 
hour of quilting tonight so I am nearly done.

This is the 1800s quilt hanging in a tree at the back of the shop between rain showers. 
What a mission it was to get it photographed - it was just too big for two of us to 
manage - one to hold it up and one to click the camera just didn’t work, so it 
had to be in the tree!

It is now all ready to go as a Block of the Month – check out the shop website for details – on the Block of the Month page.

Now I think I can take  a break from hand quilting and do some applique.
I think I have a Jo Morton block all prepared and ready to sew so that sounds like
 a good idea for the rest of the evening.

Thanks for stopping by, Robyn

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Quilting Progress

Sorry that there hasn't been a post for  a while - I have been busy hand quilting and 
that doesn't show that well in photos - or change very much from day to day or week to 
week for that matter, but here it is.

This is one block and I think you can just see how it is quilting - the block is outlined about 
an eighth of an inch out, I have gone through the small purple centre of the squares 
on the diagonal and then I have done  parallel lines from that diagonal inside the block.

The borders are treated differently so they are a little more defined as borders - they are 
quilted in parallel straight lines.

Plus the binding is on - I know against the rules but the borders are quilted and the 
blocks are all stabilised with the in the ditch by machine around each block, the outlining 
around each applique and t e long liens through the small squares. So it went on just fine 
and I was pleased to have enough of the background fabric to do it.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Yoko Saito Block

I have just had an amazing weekend - well long weekend. I have been away on a
Quilt Retreat from Friday 3.00pm until Monday 3.00pm. This was organised by a Quilt 
Group that I belong to and they have been doing it for years but this is the first one I have 
been able to make - now I may be addicted! All that time dedicated sewing with meals 
cooked for you, no interruptions and time with quilting friends - what more could I ask for.

So I made a quilt that will be kept secret until the Craft and Sewing Show at
 Greenlane on March 16 - 18.

But I also got lots of quilting done on my Japanese Quilt Block Quilt - it is almost 
finished - yeah. This quilt will also be on display in the Exhibition at the Craft and 
Sewing Event.

Then I got one more 10" block completed on the Yoko Saito quilt and another 20" almost
freezer papered and pinned onto the background. This one she called 'Four Buds'.

So all in all what an amazing weekend + of quilting - so productive when you are 
totally focussed on sewing.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Flower Block

This is the next in the Yoko Saito Quilt - another small block -10" finished - so not 
that small really. But fun to do - so quick compared to the last one with all those little
leaves and strawberries.

The oval in the centre of the flower is just the fabric - it is not embroidered - how cool 
is that. It is a small piece that my friend Hitomi in Japan gave to me in a scrap bag 
so it is a little bit of a treasure.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Strawberry Block Embroidery

I have had a lovely time doing the embroidery on this block - in fact it has inspired 
me to go back to the other blocks and a few more stitches.

This is the whole block with the embroidery added.

And this is a close up of the embroidery.

Now onto the next block which is quick and easy in comparison.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Yoko Saito Strawberry

This is the next block in the Yoko Siato quilt and it has been much more fun to do than
I thought it would be. I was initially put off by all the small pieces, but actually they weren't that small or intricate as I originally thought.

This block is 21" by 11" and is not actually finished - I have lots of embroidery to do 
in it yet. The stems are stem stitched so far. I will repost when it is finished so you can see the difference some embroidery makes on these Yoko Saito blocks - she uses 
stitchery a lot to add to her applique blocks.