Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Quilting Progress

Sorry that there hasn't been a post for  a while - I have been busy hand quilting and 
that doesn't show that well in photos - or change very much from day to day or week to 
week for that matter, but here it is.

This is one block and I think you can just see how it is quilting - the block is outlined about 
an eighth of an inch out, I have gone through the small purple centre of the squares 
on the diagonal and then I have done  parallel lines from that diagonal inside the block.

The borders are treated differently so they are a little more defined as borders - they are 
quilted in parallel straight lines.

Plus the binding is on - I know against the rules but the borders are quilted and the 
blocks are all stabilised with the in the ditch by machine around each block, the outlining 
around each applique and t e long liens through the small squares. So it went on just fine 
and I was pleased to have enough of the background fabric to do it.


  1. Beautiful Robyn. I love the colours in this block.

  2. As usual, beautiful work Robyn - looking forward to seeing it all finished (I bet you are too ; )
    have a great day, mIche'le

  3. Nice work Robyn - gleeful to break the "rules". I would like to know who actually wrote the rules! We await the bigger picture when it arrives.

  4. It looks antique already....beautiful and soft.