Monday, 13 February 2012

Yoko Saito Block

I have just had an amazing weekend - well long weekend. I have been away on a
Quilt Retreat from Friday 3.00pm until Monday 3.00pm. This was organised by a Quilt 
Group that I belong to and they have been doing it for years but this is the first one I have 
been able to make - now I may be addicted! All that time dedicated sewing with meals 
cooked for you, no interruptions and time with quilting friends - what more could I ask for.

So I made a quilt that will be kept secret until the Craft and Sewing Show at
 Greenlane on March 16 - 18.

But I also got lots of quilting done on my Japanese Quilt Block Quilt - it is almost 
finished - yeah. This quilt will also be on display in the Exhibition at the Craft and 
Sewing Event.

Then I got one more 10" block completed on the Yoko Saito quilt and another 20" almost
freezer papered and pinned onto the background. This one she called 'Four Buds'.

So all in all what an amazing weekend + of quilting - so productive when you are 
totally focussed on sewing.


  1. What a busy weekend, you must be feeling very pleased with all your progress. Oooh, a secret quilt, I can't wait! I really like this block, those flowers petals are so pretty.

  2. The fabrics in this block are just lovely! I can't wait for the show...

  3. How perfect for you - sewing, good food, girlfriend time and a hubby at home mssing you!

    This block reminds me of a native NZ plant, but I just can't think of the name of it - or maybe it's the colours.

    Loving the progress.

  4. Husband and I have been away for a few days. I wasn't allowed to do a thing but stitch. Aren't I so lucky. I managed to get heaps of applique done.

    Another lovely block Robyn