Sunday, 6 October 2013

Santa Monica Airport Antique Market

We have just returned from the Antique and Collectibles Market set up at the 
Santa Monica Airport on the first and fourth Sunday each month.
Apparently the fourth Sunday is the biggest one, but this one was worth a visit.
It wasn't crowded with shoppers so we were able to get a good look at each stall.

I would have loved this market to have been close to the shop as there was so 
much in the way of vintage furniture and bits and pieces that would have made 
great additions to the shop, but I just had to dream!!!!

I did however pick up a quilt top - cot sized that was probably pieced in the 1930s.
I have photographed in two halves so I can get it all in.


Some blocks are made from all of one fabric while others are a mixture of fabrics.


Some are hand pieced and others are machine pieced, I can't see any pattern 
in the hand or machine work - it just appears to be random.

We are off home soon so the next post will come from NZ.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Las Vegas Quilt Shop Tour

Yesterday I went on a Quilt Shop Tour and it was great. It was run by 
Susan of

She picked us all up from various hotels down The Strip and off we went for a day of fun fabric shopping. We visited four stunning quilt shops all with a different feel and specialty lines.

The first stop was at Fabric Boutique and the closest to the city area on 
Charleston Boulevard. Here I bought some 1930s fabrics - surprise surprise
 – it seems to be my current passion. The shop was very big compared to 
NZ standards – I was just so envious of her space – so much room 
for stunning displays. Look at this. And she had the Mills Girls Quilt 
hanging behind her main counter.

The second stop was the Christmas Goose in South Durango Road and it was
 gorgeous - lots of ideas for using wool, along with patterns for 1800s quilts and 
a lovely Halloween display. Unfortunately my photos of her shop were 
useless – I don’t know what setting I had my camera on but it wasn’t right! 
(I took photos of Susan’s van too which was covered with a huge quilt photo and 
sorry that was no good either.)

Then it was on to lunch as a Salad Buffet so you can imagine what was 
available for lunch there – or probably you can’t as meals here are just so big.

Stop 3 was up in the old part of Boulder City. This is was a lovely area full of 
antique shops that I could have spent a whole day browsing in too. But back to 
the shop - it lovely with a good range of 1800s fabrics, brights, batiks, colour 
walls – it was a smaller shop but packed with great things to inspire us all.

The final shop was the largest – in fact huge. It was Quiltique which specialises 
in modern fabrics and has the most amazing layout and displays. It is located in 
Henderson. Once again packed with ideas, fabrics and patterns. 
We will be starting a new Club early on a Saturday morning as a result of this 
visit – I was able to chat to one of the owners, Jennifer about how she ran this 
Modern Club so watch our website for more info later in the year 
as plans get finalised.

As a result if this day I have lots of ideas for next year, lots of new patterns, projects, 
a Block of the Month, new group formats and classes. So it really was an
inspirational day and I bought fabric for me – 1930s and 1800s.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Vintage Quilt Find

I was lucky enough to find this quilt at the Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas yesterday. I think it was probably made in the 1930s judging by the fabrics. It isn’t signed or dated.

These are some of the fabrics.

Do remember to sign and date your own quilts so when someone
finds them in the future they know who made them and when.

Back tomorrow with some of the local quilt shops that I visited

on a Quilt Shop Tour today.