Monday, 25 July 2016

Breakfast Club Quilt Bordered

I did decide to add a border onto my Breakfast Club Quilt.
This was it before the final border

I felt it was a bit too small for the bed, but it also needed a stronger
more colourful finish to the edge, so this is what went on.

That's better don't you think?

I met with Helen Harford who will be quilting it for me
on Thursday and we have chosen a whirlygig quilt pattern
that will will up and over everything

I found an extra wide white patterned backing fabric.
I know a bit boring, but it is a clean, fresh looking quilt and the 
coloured prints that were left on the shelf just looked too much.

Now just a decision on binding to go.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Breakfast Club Almost Finished

My Breakfast Club Quilt is almost finished.
This is the quilt that my Saturday morning monthly class has been working 
on since February - 4 blocks per month.
They should all have finished their blocks this Saturday

So I have been frantically sewing

Adding little frames around each block 

Adding sashing strips

Adding spotty cornerstones - I love how cornerstones in the sashings 
help you ensure that your blocks line up perfectly.

And pressing

Then onto the double bed to see how it looks.

I think I feel a border coming on - who knows - what do you think?

Monday, 4 July 2016

Mrs Holder Row 16

My Mrs Holder Reproduction Quilt is progressing well.

Row 16 is on - it has 90 stretched hexagons using  8 different fabrics.

I have used a traditional Cook Island Postage Stamp technique
to keep my hexies in order. I chose the order, laid them 
out around the quilt to check that it would work and then 
threaded them onto a long piece of embroidery 
thread - all six strands.

Just  put a knot on the starting end of the thread so you can easily 
pull one hexie at a time of the other end as you need it.

I had fun raiding my stash of 1800s reproduction fabrics for this row.

Next comes a brown row - also more scrappy.

Back soon.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Boro Patching Ideas for Instastitch

Here are some ideas for making your piece into 'real' Boro.

Patch stitched on with sashiko stitching and indigo sashiko thread. 
 And then surrounded by one of Sue Spargo's circle suggestions in
Valldani Perle # 8 Variegated thread.

Patched with matching sashiko thread stitching.


Patched from the back with the colour showing through the holes
You can create holes if need be!!!
These ones were real.
Pity about the very messy back!!!!

Grided sashiko stitching to secure the patch in variegated thread.
Note that the stitching goes just passed the edge of the patch.

This patch is caught in with the sashiko stitched rows and nothing else.

This patch was stitched on with patching sashiko thread just in from the 
outside edges. The feature circular stitching design of Sue's was 
added - basically ignoring the patch - just go up and over it.

Block Five should be up online soon - I can't wait.

Japanese Boro Instastitch Stitching Close Ups

As promised here are some close up photos of my stitching
on the first four of Sue Spargo's  Instastitch blocks.

Sashiko stitching in indigo sashiko thread following the lines on the weave 
of the fabric.

Same idea - Sashiko stitching in Ecru sashiko thread.

Same idea  - in tan and blue sashiko thread.

French knots in tan Sashiko thread - one wrap around the needle.

Sashiko stitched in tan Sashiko thread - a traditional Sashiko design 
known as Yarai (Bamboo Fence).

Randomly spaced rows or sashiko stiching on the persimmon dyed fabric
and seed stiching on the indigo using Sue's Eleganza #8 Variegated Perle
thread - colour number EZM17 thread.

Sashiko stitched circles - Ecru Sashiko thread.

French Knots on the rows of the persimmon dyed fabric (looking
way too bright in this photo).

Sashiko stitching in EZM17 on the indigo fabric -  a traditional Sashiko 
design called Kasumi. Because Japan is so mountainous mist 
is a common occurrence, so is often depicted in traditional 
Japanese landscapes.

Back soon with patching ideas.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Japanese Boro Instastitch

This is Sue Spargo Instastitch that I am making in my old Japanese fabrics.

I am so enjoying this project. Sue publishes a new block
each month. It is online and free. 

Sue gives you the piecing plan and suggestions for the hand stitched
embellishing. I am deviating a bit from the stitching plan so I can 
keep my piece looking a little more traditionally Japanese.

I have sashiko stitched these circles instead of Sue's back stitched suggestion.

I have seed stitched (on the left) rather than Tete de Boeuf Stitches
and have added some vertical sashiko stitching in the piece beside it.

I decided to add a touch tan colour here with French Knots (I know not very Japanese).
The fabric that I am using in this colour have mostly been dyed with 
persimmon juice, so they too are special.


Sue embroidered leaves in this section.
But here I have used a piece of old fabric that I bought at the Boro Museum 
Shop in Japan. It was two pieces of old fabric sashiko stitched together 
and the shop had little bundles for sale.
You can see the front of my piece on the left and the back on the right.
I have used the same piece in reverse in block 3.

I am so enjoying using these special pieces from my collection.

Back soon with a post on stitching close ups and another on patching ideas.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Mrs Holder Progess

My Mrs Holder Block of the Month quilt has been on display in the window 
at the shop for a month so progress has slowed down.

But now we have a new window display so it come home more often 

and get more stretched hexagons added to it.

These hexies have 1" sides.

This last blue row has 84 hexies going around. 

Each row increases by six hexagons.

The piece on our double bed just to give you an idea on how big it is now.

This is where I am heading with it. 
This is the original made by Mrs Holder between 1880  and 1889
in the UK.

So really there is still a lot to go,
which is great because I am really enjoying working on it.
I find it very relaxing as you just keep adding hexies without too much thinking!

Mine will get scrappier as hers did, the further out I go.

You can join us with this Sew Along With Us Block of the Month.
Contact us at: