Friday, 2 October 2015

Indigo Vases Progress

I have now put my Sue Spargo piece onto the batting so that some 
of the background embellishing can act as quilting as well.

Now I have started filing in with lots of hand quilting.

There will no doubt be more stitching like this going onto the background too.

Happy stitching, Robyn

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cindy's Vases

These are the vases that Cindy designed in our Sue Spargo Class.
It was such a good class because we were given a starting point 
and then we created our own versions.

Cindy's vases are looking so good. 

I love the fly stitch around this flower.

And the subtle layering on these circles - the reverse colours was 
such a good idea.

And don't you love this embellishing on the central flower.

Thanks for sharing Cindy.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Rae's Sue Spargo Vases

Rae has been busy on her Sue Spargo piece too.

These are her updated photos.

Oh wow look at all her embroidery. 
I love her sparky greens with the indigo blue vases.

You can follow her on:

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tiny Hexies Go On

This week has seen me making tiny hexie flowers - just 1/4" hexagons!
I must admit I never thought I would be making hexies that small.

But they look so cute - thanks Sue Spargo for introducing us to them.

This is my piece . . . .

. . . . now the hexies need to go on.

. . .oh they do look cool.

Now they need stitching down.
Hopefully the hexie cards will come out easily enough.

Then these stems need leaves - back soon when the leaves go on.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Sue Spargo Progress

My piece form Sue's class is making good progress.
I have managed do a little almost every night since class.

This vase now has Heishi Beads added with French knots to hold them in place.

The circular flowers have fly stitches making a spiky finish around them.

These new flowers have been added - they were part of our paper cutting exercise.
Poor Sue had to change the rules for Taupo after we in Auckland folded our paper
and couldn't manage cutting a flower out all in one piece. We were the first to do this 
ever in her class. Sorry Sue.

The vase has two rows of blue velvet ribbon at the top with cross stitch rows
in between.

The flowers have fly stitch holding hem on, with beads highlighting the centres.
It is so much fun choosing what to do next.
So back to it.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Day Three Indigo Vases

We are now in Taupo at the second Retreat with Sue Spargo, but my 
posts are a little behind - sorry.

This is my piece after day two of the class.

I had a collection of handmade 'treasures, from Japan that I had collected 
over many visits and this is the perfect project to use these on.

These tiny flowers were the first to be added.

Then it was these ones. I chose ribbon from Sue's selection for the stems and 
did pistil stitch up the edges.

Next we made tiny hexagon flowers - from 1/4" templates!
This is added to the background area.

These three days have been an inspirational experience.
We were been staying at Vaughan Park in Long Bay, Auckland and this is the view
from the sewing room window.

These are the little houses that we stay in - each one has six bedrooms.

Back soon with progress from Taupo.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day Two of Indigo Vases

Sorry I didn't get this post uploaded - I had trouble with my laptop.

But here is the result of a day one.

Firstly these are two other versions of the design.



So you an see how varied this class is - everybody has had fun
composing their backgrounds and vases.

Then it was on to starting the embellishing part which is going to 
take months and months, but it is so much fun. 
The first day's focus was on creating stems.


I will be back as soon as I can with day two.

I am off to Taupo with Sue in the morning so I am really 
lucky to get three more days with this inspiring tutor.