Thursday, 16 July 2015

Taupe Block Progress

A day at home sewing does wonders for progress - only interrupted 
by lunch out with my husband.

I got two pieced blocks made, one applique block finished
and two applique blocks prepared.

So here they are.

I love the addition of the cotton reels to the star block. 
This quilt sure is fun to make.

I am in the middle of row four and there are only five and then borders,
so it is going to be finished quite soon.

Then it will be on to hand quilting it.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Next Taupe Blocks

This week has been good for producing more of my taupe blocks.

And the sewing room is calling - so back to some more blocks.

Plus I have a new machine pieced medallion quilt cut ready to sew.

There is nothing like having a few quilts on the go at once!

I also have a bag to finish and a stitchery - oh dear.
But what fun and what addiction!


Back soon,  Robyn

Sunday, 5 July 2015

More Taupe Blocks

These blocks are becoming addictive - I am just loving getting back into the 
taupe colour scheme and I love the softness of this particular selection.

The next pieced block was fun to make and went together well.
I have decided that no pressing until the block is finished is working 
well with these woven fabrics.

They seem to be at risk of getting stretched when I press them in sections 
- even tho' I press not iron them.

The balance with applique is great. This one now needs a little touch of embroidery.

In fact I think they will just about all get a touch of stitching added.
I will re-post these with before and after photos when the embroidery is added.
It will be interesting to see what a difference it makes (or not!)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another Taupe Block

Here are the next two blocks in my new quilt.

I am really enjoying having hand applique to do at night and machine
 piecing to do at other times.

Back soon with the next pair.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Taupe Mojo is Back

I seem to have lost my passion for stitching and blogging lately.
But it is back. Yeah. Nothing like a bit of break for renewed enthusiasm.

I am back into the new Block of the Month and am loving it. This project is a 
mixture of machine piecing and hand applique - perfect really.

This is Block 1 and it is small pieces and woven fabrics machine 
pieced with care. It is a challenge but well worth it.

Then it was onto some hand applique for a relaxing process for me.
I think a little embroidery will go on those centres of the flowers to drop back 
their colour contrast a bit.

Then back to another star block - it came together well this time around - 
nothing like a bit of expereince.

Did you notice that the big star in block 1 has been turned around the right way?
Yes longer star points were supposed be at the bottom of the block!
And they do look better there.

Back soon with the next applique block.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Last weekend I spent time in Wellington.
We visited Te Papa as we often do when down there and we 
found a Tivaevae Exhibition was on.

The exhibition celebrates the art of Cook Islands quilting through Te Papa's 
collection of quilts.




This was an unexpected treat.

Do check it out on Level 5 if you are in the area.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Block of the Month - the Beginning

I am back working with my favourite Japanese woven and printed taupe fabrics.
In time, this will be a Block of the Month.

These are the chosen fabrics - my choices may be adjusted slightly but at the
moment I am happy with the way they are looking in relation to the design.
Final decisions will be made as I go.

This is the start of Month 1 - it will have more components as it needs to 
be made up to 12". Now each block is about 4".

Back soon with the rest of the block.