Monday, 21 August 2017

Number Two Mini Quilt

Just when I thought the 2" squares featured in my last 
Blog Post were crazy - now it this!!!!!

And the little sawtooth half square triangle units are 1" finished.

I think I am starting to like making small things.

At least they are finished fast.
And they make great hand quilting projects.
This whole quilt only measures 16" by 20".

Watch for the next one in the series of six.
They will all be in 1800s Reproduction fabrics.
I feel a Quilt of the Month Programme coming on.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Blue and White Cot Quilt

This has been my latest machine piecing project.
It is a Trip Around The World, like my earlier school quilt, but gone slightly crazy!

Those pieces were cut 6" and the new new blue ones were cut 2".
That is quite a difference when you come to cutting and sewing the number
of squares needed to make a quilt.

This has been quilted by Helen Harford in a well spread stipple which 
I think is perfect as it adds interest without taking over.

But I think it was worth as I love the effect of the blue and white cot quilt.
We have made both these quilts into kitsets at the shop.

Back soon with next mini quilt.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Mini Quilt

Today was a whole day in the sewing room - yeah.

So time to start a new project - a series of mini quilts.
They will all be the same size so they can be interchangeable on
the wall.

There will be six of them.

The first one uses these 1800s fabrics.

First up I needed to make six tiny (5") basket blocks.

Then put them in the chosen setting.

I have ditch quilted in the ditch of all the blocks.
Now off to hand quilt.

This is the motif that I will hand quilt in the two squares
and I will use sections of the main block in the triangles.

Back soon.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mrs Holder Finale

Finally my Mrs Holder Stretched Hexagon Quilt is almost done. 
The corners have been squared off.

Now I am appliqueing the outside hexies onto a small caramel border.

I have made all my corners the same.
Mrs H made hers very scrappy and different from each other.

Somehow that messed with my brain so mine are all the same but 
still quite scrappy like hers.

I love how her quilt started off quite controlled and ordered and the 
further she got out the scrappier it got.

I guess she didn't have a Patchwork Shop to pop into to buy more fabric!

This weekend I got to start a new project - a tiny Trip Around the World 
Cot Quilt for the shop.

I know my other machine pieced project is far from finished, but this 
one for the shop had to take priority!

You can see about half of the cot quilt above. It is inspired by Malcolm's quilts.

It is a new range of fabrics into the shop and we will be making up
kitsets of this quilt soon.

Back soon.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

New Quilt Project

This last week has seen the start of a new quilt project.

This is is reproduction of an antique quilt that I bought at the 
Auckland Quiltmakers Show in May.

I am using a range of fabric from my stash and some of the 
recent "Putty and Mortar" range.

I need twenty-five of these blocks.

Some are paler while others have a bit more depth of colour.

Studying the old blocks in the antique quilt has been fun, as 
the quiltmaker who is unknown, has not made them all 
regular like this one. 

Some vary like this - 

- did you spot the odd one out?

Others are even more varied

So they have been fun to make and to wonder why she did this.
Was she running out of fabric?
Or was she being quirky?

Oh if only old quilts could talk and tell their story.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

New Cot Quilt

I have been busy making a new cot quilt for a family member due soon.

It is made with Elizabeth Hartman's "Pond" fabric.
Yes the same range that I made this year's school quilt from.
I love it and it is nearly all gone as we have made kitsets up of the school quilt.

It simple 60 degree triangles and the Mum wanted it mixed up with no set pattern.
A good choice of hers I think.

Her curtain fabric has the sea blue like the binding and the rose pink.
So I think these fabrics will work well. 

Back soon with a new machine pieced project.

Monday, 19 June 2017

School Programme Update

Friday saw my last session with the students at Redoubt North School.

We got the bindings on our quilts this week.

It was great to be part of another successful quilt making programme.

The boys' quilts

The girls' quilts

That makes twenty-six quilts ready for use.

And one hundred students have now made quilts over the last four years.