Sunday, 7 February 2016

Hexies in Flower Pots

Our 2016 Shop Hop Quilt, "Hexies in Flower Pots" is finished 
and ready for display. It has been such fun to make with all the 
fussy cutting within the hexies.

The fabric I have used are all 1800s' Reproduction prints.

Helen Harford has quilted it for me and I am thrilled with the effect 
that she has achieved. You can see it better in this photo.

Or this one - the top photo is more accurate for background fabric colour.

We will be taking bookings for the Shop Hop Kits just as soon as the Passports 
are printed - hopefully this week.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Carolina Lily

This quilt design has been on my list of quilts to make for so many years.
I was always going to make a big traditional version of this design.
But then I found a pattern for a 30" version of it.
What a great way to get a design out of my system.
I am now happy to have it ticked off my list and love the mini version.

This quilt has been foundation pieced on pre-printed tissue paper - some 
by hand and some by machine.

As the quilt is small it means that the pieces within each block are also
quite small so I hand pieced the individual small units and then 
jumped on the machine to join them together.

This system worked very well as you probably know I will hand piece
anything I can. But once it came to sewing the units together there was 
quite a bit of bulk in the seams so the machine was definitely a good option.

It was an interesting process as when I started I thought I was 
going to have a red outer border, as I am not really a great fan of green.
But then I auditioned each option - red or green?
And it became quite obvious for me - green.

Lesson learnt / reinforced - choose your borders once the
 central part of your quilt top is made. 

How many times have your purchased a border and then when the time
 came for it to go on you have changed your mind. I certainly have 
done this - but not recently. That lesson has been learnt!

Now it is ready to be pin basted ready for hand quilting.

And it is ready for me to teach in my "Stitched By Hand" class 
that starts this Friday at the shop

Monday, 11 January 2016

Shop Hop Hexie Quilt

I had a lovely day sewing with friends yesterday and made good progress 
with my hexie flower pot blocks for our 2016 Shop Hop Quilt.

Block One

                                     Block Two                                        Block Three

 Block Two                                          Block Four

                          Block Five                                                         Block  Six

Block Seven

No I didn't do all of these in en day - this is the collection so far.
I now have just three blocks to finish off and they are all started so that is good.

I will have the quilt finished by early February - well that is supposed to be the plan!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sophie is Finished

Happy New Year everyone.
I hope 2016 has started off well for you.

I finished off the hand quilting on my Sophie's Garden over the Christmas break.
The weather in Taupo was so nice that this is about all the stitching I achieved 
over the holiday period.

Now that we are back home it is on to our Shop Hop 2016 Quilt.
This is the one with the English Paper Pieced hexagon flowers in pots.
You can see some posts earlier on my Blog of the first blocks or watch here 
for new blocks or go to the Shop Hop Blog for photos.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sophie's Quilting Final Row

This is the last row of blocks all quilted.

The two star blocks have been quilted the same way as the other start blocks.

Outlined applique, diamond grid on the bottom fabric following the 
fabric design. and quilting down between the woven rows of the 
French knot for the bird's eye.

Applique outlining, down the light side of the half square triangle units,
down two rows of squares on the left side and across some of the stripes on
the bottom fabric.
Now onto the borders - back soon with details.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Row 4 Quilting of Sophie

Row four of "Sophie's Garden" is quilted - well almost - as I was taking the 
photos I realised that one block is not quite done!

The applique is outlined as always and the triangles quilted down the light side.
The background quilting follows the lines on the fabric

The star is quilted the same as the other stars as are he half square 
triangle units. I picked up some of the oval shapes on the bottom border. 

Applique outlined, side borders follow some of the vertical lines, as does the background.
Yes the bottom border needs quilting - I will go down some of the lines on the 
fabric - probably every third or fourth one with the darker thread.

House - firstly I embroidered the windows, then outline quilted the house and 
around the door and windows, across the top of the grass, down the dark lines 
on the roof  and the side of the house, lines across on the front section
of the house. Lines across following the dots on the background - every fifth row.
And it needs a French Knot for a door handle.

Off now to fix those things and then finish off Row Five before choosing the
 quilting stencil designs for the two borders.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Shop Hop Hexies

These are the latest batch of Shop Hop Quilt Hexies.
I am not sure what layout they are going in at the moment.
But it is certainly fun creating fussy cut hexies!

Back soon with more Sophie Quilting.