Saturday, 20 September 2014


I am back again - sorry it has been a while.
I have spent the last week or so sewing row four onto my Patchwork
of the Crosses quilt. I was surprised how long it took.

I did have to make one more new block as all the ones I had 
made were too blue.

The blue one will fit nicely in one of the next rows so that is no problem.
Now I can make some more blocks which is always the exciting part.

This week is going to be busy as I am Merchant at the Yoko Saito Classes
in Auckland and in Taupo. Yoko will be in the shop on Tuesday morning 
signing books so that will be cool.

Then we have an exhibition at the school that I have been working 
in on Tuesday afternoon. I am so looking forward to seeing all their
quilts hanging. 

So I should be back soon with photos of both events.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wool Blanket Cushion

This is a new shop sample - a cushion basically made from an
old woollen blanket and linen/cotton background.

We will be getting the kitsets for this finish off during the week.

This is the back.

Back soon, Robyn

Friday, 5 September 2014

POTC A Great Week

This is week has been very productive.
I have got four of my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks completed.
Last week I had got them all planned, cut out and put in individual bags ready 
for stitching. This has actually worked well.

I think I will continue to work this way. 

So here they are.

This one is a bit different as it has no feature fabric to 'fussy cut' - just  a 
set of small prints. I guess this is fine - it must have been the last one that 
I planned that night!

Cindy gave me this centre fabric and look how cool it looks.

This centre fabric is new into the shop and I love it. It is such a good stripe.
More of this is coming in the next set of  blocks.

And finally another one based around Barbara Brackman's William
Morris inspired collection.

Back soon with some new shop samples finished recently.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Last for August

This week saw the last of group meetings for August.

These are Annette's stunning modern version of Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses.

These are two I have made this week.

I decided that I needed to use this centre fabric again as it is quite dominant
in the quilt. I think I need to use it three times to make sure the quilt is balanced.

This was a layout that I wasn't sure I liked but I decided to do as Lucy Boston had
and now I think it is ok. I will need to do three of these too I think.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Liberated Quiltmaking on Coromandel

These are some of the results of my Liberated Quiltmaking Class in Coromandel 
last week. The ladies all made small sample pieces to learn the technique.
Some were finished as pieces, others were to be made into cushions or Little 
Quilts for the hospital.

A finish - love that combination of chunky and machine quilting.

A table runner

To be a cushion to go with a stunning modern quilt

A jewel complete with pins as she has just started quilting.
I love the texture that the quilting is adding.
These little quilts certainly came alive when the quilting dimension was added.

A Neo-Natal Quilt with a top border to go - stunning and modern.

A wonky Log Cabin

Now for some sights of Cormandel Township - I just couldn't resist stopping for a photo 
or two - I love the old buildings that are so loved.

The view from our host's kitchen window out over Wyuna Bay

Thank you Coromandel Patchworkers Group - what a lovely day we had piecing these.

In the afternoon we moved onto curved piecing like this cushion of mine.

Patchwork of the Crosses Progress

This week I have added six blocks onto my quilt - I now have three rows made with 
seven blocks each and that is now the width I need to fit on our double bed.
It means I have a block hanging over  the edge which shows off the blocks nicely 
when you walk into the room.

Now I just need more rows - another three or four.
And she agrees - or maybe she doesn't with that look!

She certainly has an extra sense for cameras - so often she appears from nowhere
and gets in the way - just like this!!!

This is the latest block to be added to the collection.

Last week Cindy and I were down in Coromandel teaching - we had such a lovely time
with the Quilters and the Embroiderers groups.

Because we both had our Patchwork of the Crosses with us to work on in 
the evenings Jill, our host was soon converted too. These are her first blocks tacked 
up ready to whip stitch together. We had such fun one night playing with fabrics in 
her stash and our box of 1800s fabrics to create these.

Back soon with photos from my class in Coromandel.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Group Meeting

Last week was our monthly Thursday Patchwork of the Crosses meeting
and there was lots to Show and Tell.

This is my latest block.

Don't you love Fay's stack of blocks. She chose her filler squares at group
so she can start joining them up.

A stunner block.

A couple of favourites with a subtle filler square fabric.

More favourites from a collection with rusty red squares.

A collection.

Another collection

This group is doing so well.
Are we addicted or obsessed!!!

And today our copies of Diane Boston's book
"The Patchworks of Lucy Boston" arrived and we have decided what next 
year's Lucy Boston project will be - can you believe it.

Another of Lucy's stunning English paper Pieced quilts.
Cindy and I feel a taupe version of the new design coming on!!!!
So the pressure is seriously on to get this one finished.