Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Patchwork Passion 52er

You might like to join us in a new project for 2019.

"Patchwork Passion 52er"

Make one block every week for a year
Use indigo fabrics or any other colour theme of your choice

Cut your backgrounds 5½” square
Finished squares will be 5”

Finished quilt 30” by 45”
6 blocks across
9 blocks down
54 blocks in total
First and last are blank

I am doing two of these - one from my old indigo collection

And one in Woad Blue and Linen

Each week or month I will post my new blocks for each project to give you ideas
when you have a block, but hopefully you will have fun raiding your stash 
of bits and pieces and creating your own.

First indigo one - a subtle sashiko cherry blossom

This is as great one for when your week is too busy - a fussy cut piece of fabric

A piece of Indian Block Printed fabric fussy cut with some sashiko stitching added
Look for fabrics that you can fussy cut

A simple pieced block with a frayed edge patch and some sashiko stitching

Now for the Woad Blue and Linen set

A piece cut off an old doily - age spots and all.
I stitched down all the edges.

Three motifs from my stash with embroidered stems and leaves, 
appliqued on and then a line of blue back stitch with 4 strands of embroidery 
thread around each centre oval.

A fussy cut piece of fabric

An old piece of linen that I dyed blue - love the fancy edging.
The embroidered lavender plants - back stitch stems and 
Lazy Daisy flowers

Don't forget to send me your favourite blocks so they can be added to the Blog.-
someone each month will receive a goody to add to their quilt.

I will work a month ahead so you ideas for each month is advance.

Back soon

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