Saturday, 2 February 2019

My February 52er Quilt Blocks

These are the next two sets of blocks for my 52er Quilts.
First the indigo collection. This month there are some easy ones that focus mostly on fussy cutting fabrics from your stash and adding some simple sashiko or stitching..
Try to look for a fabric other than indigo that will break up the 'blue' 
look - eg: terracotta red, cream or tans are traditional and I always 
love them with indigo.

I have been collecting all sorts of bits and pieces of fabrics on my trips to Japan.
This block is Katazome. The design has been transfer as a stencil with rice 
flour resist and then it has been dyed with persimmon juice.
Have a look through your stash to find a print that you would like  to fussy cut
and decide where you can add a few French Knots or other stitches.

This was more digging into the stash to find a motif I could cut out and applique 
onto by background piece.  Then I did a running stitch around the motif a French 
Knot in the middle and some long stitches to emphasis the stamen. 
Your fabric will lend itself to ideas. 

The background looked a bit plain so I added some random crosses.

More fussy cutting from the same scrap of fabric with some sashiko stitching.
An uneven number of lines is always good.

This time fussy cutting from a striped fabric and simple sashiko stitching up 
some of the lines.

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Back next month with the next set. 
Happy stitching.