Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Two More Jo's

I have got two more made from my Jo Morton project - remember I needed to put in more 
colour so these two don't use much red.

Now it is back to my Yoko Saiton block which is going to need umpteen dozen French 
Knots once the applique is done. It is a Clover block so the clover flowers are done with 
all these knots - just as well I think they good on hers!!!!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Next Block

Oh it is so good to be back to some dedicated sewing time, although the garden 
did get a little attention this morning.

Having prepared this little block yesterday I had time to sit and sew while we
watched the Blues Rugby team loose to Wellington last night. With a dedicated Wellington supporter living with us at the moment the last few minutes were just too much!!! 
For those who weren't watching we were winning up until then.

I do find it interesting how different some fabrics look when photographed.
I often wonder what they look like on your screen and they do all seem to vary.
This background and all the others in this quilt are really quite gold in colour.
They are much darker than I usually work with in traditional applique projects.

Now that I have decided how I want to layout these little blocks I just can't get the 
applique finished fast enough! It really is motivating to have time and the
next stage sorted.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jo's Block Layout

I have had a play on paper with the layout that was in my head for my Jo Morton blocks.

The applique blocks are the little random shapes and each one is surrounded by
four triangles of the same colour to put them on point.

I will piece these in-between blocks as a block unit.

So I have to finish all the applique blocks first so I can get my layout of the pieced blocks right. 

This is a rough layout using the applique blocks I have finished and a few cut triangles.
 I have given little attention to colour placement, but this rough layout will give me an idea of how the design will look. As you can probably see nothing is sewn together yet.

I will need to deal with how the edges will be finished off before the borders go 
on - maybe by drawing will work - we'll see.

Back soon, Robyn

Half of Jo's Blocks

I am half way through making my little 6 1/2" blocks from Jo Morton's 
book "Prairie Flowers Encore".

It is always good to lay out your blocks at this stage and consider the colours in more detail.
Up until now I have just been choosing what I like for each block on its own. 
Now I need to make sure my quilt has a balance of colours.
So I think I need to be careful not to use too much more red and I need more blue and 
purple and gold - so some more colourful blocks coming up.

 I have already cut the backgrounds so they are balanced although they don't look like 
it in this photo!

Now off to the sewing room to try the layout I think I will like. So watch this space!

Oh a day off and in the sewing room is great. I have already finished off preparing one 
more Yoko Saito block today and it is only 10.30am.

See you soon, Robyn

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jo Morton Blocks

These are the next two in the series of Jo Morton blocks for my little 1800s Reproduction 
Quilt. They are such fun to do - quick and quite easy. Mind you I did have them all 
prepared and ready to place in the right place on the background and 
then stitch in place.

But that is the end of my pre-prepared ones, so it is back to the ironing board
to prep some more.

I have finally decided on the format to set them in. I am having a day off on Friday
so hope to try the idea out to see if it will work, so you may get a post then!

My next Yoko Saito block is also on the ironing board awaiting preparation - oh dear 
a bit of a back-log there and no hand work to do tonight.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Modern Look at Craft and Sewing Show

Today was the first day of the Auckland Craft and Sewing Show and we had a change 
of look for our stall. We went with the Modern Quilt look.

This is part of our back wall display.

And this is the quilt that I made our group retreat earlier this year, but have been saving
for release at the show.  I have really enjoyed working  with these fresh, bright colours 
and the white background. It was such a change from what usually work on.

It was really interesting to see the difference after the chunky hand quilting stitch went on. You can't quite see it in this photo so I will take another close up tomorrow at the Show.
We have this as a kitset a the shop. It is is quick and easy cot quilt to make.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Acorn Block

This the next 10" Yoko Saito block. It was nice to do a quick and more simple one after 
the more complex 20" block that I finished last week.

I do love this Asahi bias tape - it is so easy to use - already to go and with fusible on the 
back to hold it in place. It certainly beats making your own. I have used it for all the stems in these blocks - either in brown or two different greens.

Today we set up the Exhibition at the Craft and Sewing Show at ASB Showgrounds, 
Greenlane. We called it "Diversity" and it has work from some of our regular groups at 
the shop. So we have  'room' for Amish quilts, another for 1800s Reproduction quilts
and a third for Art Quilts. Then down the 'hallway' are the Amish quilts.

I hope a lot of you can get up to see it from Thursday through to Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm each day. I  will take some photos and post them over the next few days.

Our stall is separate from the Exhibition and it will be featuring Modern Quilts, which is quite different for us. I will get some photos after we set that up tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

China Aster Block

This is the next Yoko Saito block - she called it China Aster.It has been enlarged up to 20"
 and has taken quite a while to applique, but then time for sewing lately has been limited.

I have three blocks this size in the quilt and only one more to do. To go with these blocks 
are the smaller ones which get put together in units of four. Then there are the longer blocks. 
Soon I will have filled enough gaps to be able to take a photo and to give you an idea on how 
they are all going to go together.

These are the four Jo Morton blocks I have got made so far. At Club the other day almost 
everyone had three blocks made - I finished the peppers block on the night after class.

What a difference in these two projects - own has such big blocks with lots of little pieces 
and the other has little blocks with not many pieces.

I am off now to get the Yoko Saito Project basket to take to group tomorrow night - hopefully
I will get another block  prepared and ready to sew - I  think it will have to be a smaller one to achieve that tomorrow night.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jo's Peppers

I have had such a busy time lately that not much sewing has been done - just moments 
grabbed before heading off to bed. But once the Craft and Sewing Show is over it will be 
back to some serious sewing.

I have finished one more Jo Morton block - just a little 7" one. So that is four done now 
and I think I might need thirteen - I haven't quite decided on the layout yet.

I really like this block - it is so nice to have a change from the usual floral applique blocks.
I also like Jo's blocks because they are so like the ones women were creating in the 
1800s - just simple little blocks with stems and single or a few flowers.

I'll be back soon with the next big Yoko Saito block.