Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jo Morton Blocks

These are the next two in the series of Jo Morton blocks for my little 1800s Reproduction 
Quilt. They are such fun to do - quick and quite easy. Mind you I did have them all 
prepared and ready to place in the right place on the background and 
then stitch in place.

But that is the end of my pre-prepared ones, so it is back to the ironing board
to prep some more.

I have finally decided on the format to set them in. I am having a day off on Friday
so hope to try the idea out to see if it will work, so you may get a post then!

My next Yoko Saito block is also on the ironing board awaiting preparation - oh dear 
a bit of a back-log there and no hand work to do tonight.


  1. Busy, busy, busy making lovely blocks!

  2. They are so very nice. I find it easier to spend a bit of time and prepare all my applique pieces then I can just sit and applique. The other day I basted about 14 leaves onto one block - even basted the leaf shape first, took quite a bit of time, but I think I am finding it easier placing them in the correct position on the background piece. Keep stitching away Robyn. Enjoy your day off on Friday

  3. More progress - every stitch is a bit closer to that satisfied smile of another finished project. I do hope you get some girlfriend time onyour day off Robyn

  4. These are lovely too! We will look forward to seeing what the overall format will look like too. It's very inspiring. I hope you have a wonderful day off...