Monday, 14 December 2015

Sophie's Quilting Final Row

This is the last row of blocks all quilted.

The two star blocks have been quilted the same way as the other start blocks.

Outlined applique, diamond grid on the bottom fabric following the 
fabric design. and quilting down between the woven rows of the 
French knot for the bird's eye.

Applique outlining, down the light side of the half square triangle units,
down two rows of squares on the left side and across some of the stripes on
the bottom fabric.
Now onto the borders - back soon with details.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Row 4 Quilting of Sophie

Row four of "Sophie's Garden" is quilted - well almost - as I was taking the 
photos I realised that one block is not quite done!

The applique is outlined as always and the triangles quilted down the light side.
The background quilting follows the lines on the fabric

The star is quilted the same as the other stars as are he half square 
triangle units. I picked up some of the oval shapes on the bottom border. 

Applique outlined, side borders follow some of the vertical lines, as does the background.
Yes the bottom border needs quilting - I will go down some of the lines on the 
fabric - probably every third or fourth one with the darker thread.

House - firstly I embroidered the windows, then outline quilted the house and 
around the door and windows, across the top of the grass, down the dark lines 
on the roof  and the side of the house, lines across on the front section
of the house. Lines across following the dots on the background - every fifth row.
And it needs a French Knot for a door handle.

Off now to fix those things and then finish off Row Five before choosing the
 quilting stencil designs for the two borders.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Shop Hop Hexies

These are the latest batch of Shop Hop Quilt Hexies.
I am not sure what layout they are going in at the moment.
But it is certainly fun creating fussy cut hexies!

Back soon with more Sophie Quilting.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sophie's Garden Row Three Quilting

I am so pleased with the way my hand quilting is progressing on my Sophie's 
Garden Quilt. It is quite relaxing quilting as I have no marking to do.

Quilted the same as the previous star blocks.

Outlined applique and down the ditch and the middle of each background piece.

Star as usual, outline the reels and down the ditch of the centre unit of each reel.
Down two of the vertical lines on the two  lines side panels of the star.
Across two line son the top fabric and down the centre of the dark 
plaid section. Ditched between the star and the reels.

Outline the applique and go down the vertical lines of the fabric.
Add a cross stitch for the bird's eye in embroidery thread.
Down the light side of the half square triangle units.

Row 4 is coming along well, so I should have that for you next weekend 
and maybe even some more fussy cut hexies mid-week.

Monday, 23 November 2015

More Shop Hop Hexies

I have been busy making more fussy cut hexagons in a variety of sizes 
for our 2016 Shop Hop Quilt.

Have you saved the date in your next year's diary?
20 May - 28 May 2016

Our new Shop Hop Blog will be full of information soon.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Quilting Sophie's Garden 2

My quilting of Sophie's Garden is progressing well with another row completed.

Maybe I will be done by Christmas or soon after.

Block 5 I quilted down the dark diagonals on the two side borders, around all the
applique including the two circles up on the flowers, across the middle of the top border and down the middle of the dark band, just out from the diagonal lines of the bottom triangle border on the light fabrics and down each tan row of squares on the background fabric.

I embroidered the antennae of the butterfly in backstitch.

Block 6 - the house. I outlined quilted the house first, embroidered the outline of the window
and the cross, added a French Knot for the door handle, quilted across the top of the grass,
lines down the background 3/4" apart. Then on the house I quilted just out from the edge around each window, around the door, down the dark lines of the side house fabric and across the seam above the windows on the front of the house. On the roof down the diagonal lines joining up the tan squares.

Block 7 - my favourite. Outlined all the applique as usual. Quilted down the 
lengthwise centre of each background piece and in the ditch between each piece.
The birds have three French Knots close together to make their eyes.

Block 8 I did all these units the same as the similar on in Row 1.

It is pouring down with rain here in Auckland so what better thing to do than 
get on to quilting the next of Sophie's blocks.

Back soon with the next installment of Shop Hop Blocks.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

2016 Northern Shop Hop

Yes we are having the Shop Hop again next year.
Save the dates as it is a shorter time frame next year.
20 - 28 May 2016.

These are my first one and a half blocks. 

As you can see we are still addicted to fussy cutting, hexagons and 
1800 Reproduction fabric. So we thought you might like to join our addiction.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Quilting Sophie's Garden

I have been busy quilting my Sophie's Garden Quilt so there 
hasn't been a lot to show you for a while. But now that I have made some 
progress I can show it.

I have machine quilted in the ditch of all the blocks and the borders which has 
stabilized it nicely for hand quilting. I really do not like hand quilting in the 
ditch - you can't see where you have been or where you are going, so 
I might as well machine it - it is so much easier and quicker when you can't 
even see it - so long as you can keep in the ditch!

Then I spent some time outlining as much as the applique as I could. I wanted to 
take it to Festival of Quilts last weekend so I figured if I got some of the hand quilting 
down on most of the blocks I could take out the safety pins. Didn't quite make 
that target so it went to the Show with pins in place! 

I do stitch around the applique pieces, the large pieced stars and down 
some internal seam lines. I like to see my hand quilting so I stitch about 1/8" out.
I figure there is no point hand quilting if you can't see the stitches hence the 
distance from the applique or seam edges.

Block one large star background is quilted with lines radiating out from the 
star points and the V points to the edge of the background.

The small star blocks are outlined with a square on point in the centre.

All the small squares have a line down the middle of the two borders and a 
diagonal cross in the centre.

Block two is outline quilted and on the left and bottom borders I quilted down some of the lines on the fabric. I plan to use the fabric as inspiration all across the quilt. I went across the middle of the top border, left teh blue border on the right as it had flowers already quilted on it and did a lien down the middle of the taupe on the right.

I embroidered some stamen on the flowers but I am not sure I like it. 
I think the simple quilting around the centre circle below is probably enough.

Block three was treated the same as Block 1.

Block 4 bascially followed the same idea as the previous blocks.

Embroidery on the star to drop back the boldness of the cream fabric.
All my embroidery is done with two strands of Cosmo Embroidery thread.

Same for the centre of the flowers - a French knot in the middle with 
long stitches radiating out to the edge.

Quilting on the blue following lines printed on the fabric.

I hope this is helpful. I am quilting with two colours of Wonderfil Konfetti -
brown KT803 and light taupe KT903.
I like the fineness of this thread for hand quilting.

I am aiming to quilt four blocks each week so watch this space!!!!!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Indigo Vases Progress

I have now put my Sue Spargo piece onto the batting so that some 
of the background embellishing can act as quilting as well.

Now I have started filing in with lots of hand quilting.

There will no doubt be more stitching like this going onto the background too.

Happy stitching, Robyn

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cindy's Vases

These are the vases that Cindy designed in our Sue Spargo Class.
It was such a good class because we were given a starting point 
and then we created our own versions.

Cindy's vases are looking so good. 

I love the fly stitch around this flower.

And the subtle layering on these circles - the reverse colours was 
such a good idea.

And don't you love this embellishing on the central flower.

Thanks for sharing Cindy.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Rae's Sue Spargo Vases

Rae has been busy on her Sue Spargo piece too.

These are her updated photos.

Oh wow look at all her embroidery. 
I love her sparky greens with the indigo blue vases.

You can follow her on:

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tiny Hexies Go On

This week has seen me making tiny hexie flowers - just 1/4" hexagons!
I must admit I never thought I would be making hexies that small.

But they look so cute - thanks Sue Spargo for introducing us to them.

This is my piece . . . .

. . . . now the hexies need to go on.

. . .oh they do look cool.

Now they need stitching down.
Hopefully the hexie cards will come out easily enough.

Then these stems need leaves - back soon when the leaves go on.