Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sophie's Garden Row Three Quilting

I am so pleased with the way my hand quilting is progressing on my Sophie's 
Garden Quilt. It is quite relaxing quilting as I have no marking to do.

Quilted the same as the previous star blocks.

Outlined applique and down the ditch and the middle of each background piece.

Star as usual, outline the reels and down the ditch of the centre unit of each reel.
Down two of the vertical lines on the two  lines side panels of the star.
Across two line son the top fabric and down the centre of the dark 
plaid section. Ditched between the star and the reels.

Outline the applique and go down the vertical lines of the fabric.
Add a cross stitch for the bird's eye in embroidery thread.
Down the light side of the half square triangle units.

Row 4 is coming along well, so I should have that for you next weekend 
and maybe even some more fussy cut hexies mid-week.


  1. Wow Robyn you are in a roll now and you will be finished in no time at this rate. I am itching to get to this stage. It is looking just beautiful and the hand quilting really sets it off.

  2. It will be an awesome quilt! I cannot wait till to see how it will look like. Please, quilt as fast as you can)