Monday, 29 October 2012

More Hexies

Yes more hexagons in progress - even thought those last ones are not yet made up 
into the planned bag!!!! That required some thinking and more planning, so after busy days it was easier to just keep making more hexagons!

These ones are larger 22mm instead of 12mm last time. And they are in 1800s reproduction fabrics - I feel a little school girl quilt coming on. This will part of the 2013 Hexie Club 
that I am planning for the shop.

I quite like the idea of them scattered randomly across a background fabric.

Or maybe a more traditional layout all joined up together.

Or them maybe the absolute traditional Grandmothers Flower Garden layout.

Who knows - watch and see where it ends up.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Start of Hexie Club 2013

I have had a lovely relaxing weekend in Taupo with family and quilting friends and 
of course a little bit of sewing between times. It is a great place to meet family from Wellington.
I also got to visit a lovely group of ladies in Taupo who are busy working on my Yoko Saito "Japanese Applique" Block of the Month. Wow are they making amazing progress. Thanks Sue for another amazing afternoon tea.

I have been working on projects for a new group at the shop for 2013 and probably a
Project of the Month Programme for those who cannot make it to the shop for a 
monthly group meeting. o watch for Hexie Club.

The first project I have started is based on 12mm hexagons. When measuring 
hexagons you usually measure the length of one side,so this on is small, but 
not our smallest!

Soon this will be a small project bag to carry scissors, threads, etc when I head off to group.

The back of the bag will be a favourite taupe fabric with this wee hexie flower on it.

The Club samples will probably be taupe and 1800s reproduction fabrics.
Or maybe this two-sided shot cotton Pin Cushion will feature too.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sashiko For Christmas

These are the start of our Christmas for 2012. 
We had them on display at the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair and will have them with 
us at Auckland Festival of Quilts (November 2-4 at Albany Rugby Stadium).

This is traditional Japanese sashiko stitching. This stitching is like a running stitch
but has a few extra rules – like the stitch is bigger than the spaces between stitching.

The fun part of these projects is that fabric comes pre-printed, so you stitch and then the extra lines wash away – how easy is that. I found them fun and really quick to make – in fact I think it took longer to stuff the stars than it did to sew them!

The one above is a little wall hanging. Then there are these little stars.

Both these designs are by Jane McDonald – I do love her sashiko ideas on this
pre-printed fabric.

Our Christmas display will go up in the shop window after Calico Christmas, so watch for other things. We have sourced some gorgeous ready-made Christmas textile tree decorations. I will post once we get the display up - although we will have them up at the Albany Show.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Parliament of Owls

The family of Owls - a 'Parliament' - are finished. Now did you know that is what a
group of owls is called!

Once I had done the chunky hand quilting around the owls I decided the whole thing 
needed lots more quilting. 

I tried clouds up in the sky chunky quilted with ecru embroidery thread, but that did't cut
it so that was pulled out. Then it was off to the machine for some outline quilting - I like
that much better, with straight-ish lines across the bottom outlining the tree branch lines.

Now it is bound and ready to go to Auckland Festival of Quilts (Calico Christmas) in a few weeks.We will cut some kitsets to go with us during the week.

See you there November 2-4 at Albany's Rugby Stadium.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Family of Owls

Calico Christmas, now named Auckland Festival of Quilts, is coming up over 
the first Friday and weekend in November. This is  a new project we will be releasing there. 

Carol, a local Auckland designer has made a set of plastic templates of these owls. 
The templates are made in heavy ruler plastic that you can draw around or cut around 
with your rotary cutter. There are three sizes of owls in the set. The ones above are
the smallest ones and they stand 4 1/2" high.

This is  a big owl - 7 1/2" high.

And this is the family all made in Japanese woven taupes - now I bet that is a surprise!!!!!!.
As you can probably see there are still pins in as I have not quite finished quilting them.
I am do big chunky quilting stitches  - in brown around he owls and I think more brown on the tree trunk and them ecru on the background - but all chunky and quick to do. You can just see the quilting around the individual owls in the top photos.owls

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Little Taupe Pin Cushions

I have been busy making little pin cushions. These are all from my Pin Cushion Club designs.

I am off to Japan in November and I like to take some little gifts with me to give away to quilting contacts, friends and suppliers, so I thought these would be good.

My favourite one is the Tumbling Leaves - I think.

Or then again maybe my favourite is the Crazy Patch.

But I also like the sashiko one - I usually do this with ecru thread on indigo fabric which is 
more traditional for sashiko. This time it was time for a change so it was off to the hand 
dyed pink sashiko thread form Takayama in the mountains of Japan and taupe fabric 
from my favourite Japanese supplier.

This is the latest little gift from Japan - one of my suppliers made it and sent it to 
me in my last parcel from her company. It is a macaroon and is just so cute. It is just 2" 
across and opens up with the zip going almost all the way around the middle.

And inside

I'll be back in a couple of days with Taupe Owls!!!!! See you soon.