Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Block of the Month - the Beginning

I am back working with my favourite Japanese woven and printed taupe fabrics.
In time, this will be a Block of the Month.

These are the chosen fabrics - my choices may be adjusted slightly but at the
moment I am happy with the way they are looking in relation to the design.
Final decisions will be made as I go.

This is the start of Month 1 - it will have more components as it needs to 
be made up to 12". Now each block is about 4".

Back soon with the rest of the block.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

New Quilt

This is what I have been working on over the last few weeks.

I now need to stitch down the mitred corners and hand quilt it.

We will be making up kitsets for this stunning little quilt.
It measures 33" by 41".

The fabrics that I have used are linen/ cotton mixes mostly and they have 
been good to work with. 

I do love the little touch of a colour called 'vanilla brandy' - this was an 
addition to the pattern. I saw a colour advertisement in a home style 
magazine that mixed it with the colours that I had already chosen.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Little NICU Quilt

I have used every single scrap from Hannah's Quilt to make this Little Quilt for 
the Neo-Natal Unit at Auckland Hospital. It just needs the binding turning over
 and hand sewing down.

It is so satisfying to use every piece left over for such a good cause, 
especially as Hannah was a very prem baby and was in the equivalent unit in 
Wellington for several months.

You can do this too with your scraps - the Quilts are a minimum of 20" by 24"
and are so loved by teh families and staff in the Unit. 
They go home with families to be used as change mats, cuddle rugs, etc.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hannah's Quilt

Hannah is my great-niece and she turns three tomorrow.
She and her family are about to move into a newly renovated house
And this is the new quilt for her new bedroom.

The colours for her new room were chosen by her Mum after 
scrolling through Pinterest.

Then it was back to Pinterest for a modern look quilt design. 
And everything Deb liked was based on squares.

Great design choice Deb - allows the colours and fabrics to do the work.

I think these days we often go past simple quilts but this certainly doesn't.
The view above is just a quarter of the quilt.

It just needs its binding on and then it is off to Taupo.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Auckland Quiltmakers May Show

This weekend was our Auckland Quiltmakers Show and it was a really good show.
There was such a range of quilts from bright Kaffe Fassett  quilts to traditional softer coloured quillts and then the modern quilts with lots of white.
It really was a diverse Show and most of them were larger bed quilts - all so very inspirational.

I had entered three quilts - my Patchwork of the Crosses.

This is a close up of ht quilting - scallops up and over.
I asked Helen to quilt it in a taupe thread rather than a cream so it would show 
up more on the background and disappear more on the blocks. 
And I love what she achieved.

My 100 Modern Quilts Blocks from Tula Pink's book - the Sliding Scale layout.

 close up showing the quilting  - scattered spirals and than straight lines to the edges.

And a section of the left over block Quilt from Tula Pinks blocks. 
The first quilt only used 75 of the blocks so could make this one too.

This one I quilted by machine and by hand - machined on the diagonal through
all the blocks and chunky quilting with two strands of embroidery 
thread in a variety of colours on the plain white blocks and the borders.

So Helen Harford quilted the two big ones and I quilted the smaller 
one on the stand. She also quilted Gail Moore's version below.

A close up to show you Gail's circular quilt design.

Back soon with a new project - a Gail Pan design that we are going to kitset.