Sunday, 27 March 2016

Mrs Holder Quilt

This is what you call dedication to a cause or an addiction. . . .. . .

. . . . . . . .   or just plain old entertainment.

We got stuck in a lift and it took an hour for them to get us out.
Luckily we had our stitching, knitting and a phone!

So we stitched, knitted or took photos to upload!

My Mrs Holder Quilt now has another row added.

This quilt is getting quite big quite quickly - I am loving it.
And it is so relaxing to work on.

It is made with 1" stretched hexies.
I do like that latest round with the paisley fabric.

We at Patchwork Passion have started a sew-along programme 
where you can join us. Email us on
or phone us on NZ 09 622 2270

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mrs Holder's Quilt Progresses

This quilt has already become addictive.
It is such a relaxing project to work as it doesn't require a lot of planning or thinking.
 I love to work on it at nights after a busy day at work. 

The last round I put on is one of favourite fabrics in this project.
I had used this fabric in the very centre and was desperate to use
more of it.

Next one on is another favourite - a cream paisley.

Back soon, Robyn

Friday, 18 March 2016

Breakfast Club Month Two

Tomorrow is Month Two of my Saturday morning Breakfast Club.
Each month the club members have to present their four new blocks.

Then I introduce their new set of four which are these.

The one above is my favourite so far.

Back soon

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

New Hexie Project

This is the start of a new hexie project.
There are 25 rings around the centre.
Then it is 'squared' out.

The stretched hexie has sides measuring 1".

I have had permission to offer you this quilt project from the museum
in the UK that holds the original of this quilt. 
It was made around 1880 - 1889.

Join us for this stitch-along by ringing the shop Patchwork Passion
09 622 2270 or email us on

You will start with a kit including a colour photo of the project, the paper pieces 
and the first eleven rounds of fabrics.

We will be adding to the collection as we go and you will be able 
to use lots of your scraps from your stash as your get further 
out on the project.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 Breakfast Club

Our first Breakfast Club for the year started three weeks ago.

We are using "Vintage Quilt Revival" as our design this year.

I have chosen Jen Kingwell's fabrics for mine. 
Others have chosen from our Tula Pink range, 1930s, pinks and grey, and 
various other in stock ranges. Their challenge this year is to stick predominantly
within the range they have chosen from.

Month 1 blocks complete.

They will be 12" finished blocks.

Friday, 11 March 2016

1800s Schoolgirl Sampler

I have decided to add to my 1800s work with a School Girl Cross Stitch Sampler.

It is years and years since I have done cross stitch - definitely pre-quilting!
But why not.

So I am launching into one with guidance from Cindy at work.

I thought I was going to do it on Aida but no.
Not appropriate everyone said.
You can't do that in Aida - it has to be done on linen.
Uggh I thought how am I going to see the holes in that!

But they were right - the school girls in the 1800s didn't have Aida!!

So onto linen I went - thanks to a donation from Cindy.

And I was right I couldn't see the holes in the weave at all clearly but 
with the help of magnifying glass it was easy. We now stock these!!

This is progress so far - a month on.

And I am really enjoying it.

Watch as I progress for some fun quirky sections in this pattern.

It is a copy of an actual 1800s School Girl's work - but Sarah
didn't ever finish hers, but I promise to finish mine.