Friday, 11 March 2016

1800s Schoolgirl Sampler

I have decided to add to my 1800s work with a School Girl Cross Stitch Sampler.

It is years and years since I have done cross stitch - definitely pre-quilting!
But why not.

So I am launching into one with guidance from Cindy at work.

I thought I was going to do it on Aida but no.
Not appropriate everyone said.
You can't do that in Aida - it has to be done on linen.
Uggh I thought how am I going to see the holes in that!

But they were right - the school girls in the 1800s didn't have Aida!!

So onto linen I went - thanks to a donation from Cindy.

And I was right I couldn't see the holes in the weave at all clearly but 
with the help of magnifying glass it was easy. We now stock these!!

This is progress so far - a month on.

And I am really enjoying it.

Watch as I progress for some fun quirky sections in this pattern.

It is a copy of an actual 1800s School Girl's work - but Sarah
didn't ever finish hers, but I promise to finish mine.

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