Monday, 3 December 2012

1800s Schoolgirl's Quilt

Since getting back from Japan I have been stitching my Flower Garden Hexagons 
onto the background. 

I finally decided on the random layout and came to the conclusion that is is actually quite hard to be random. I kept up on ending up with them in straight lines or in diagonal lines.
But after much moving around and auditioning I got it!!

This is the final layout with borders on - now a little hand quilting will finish it off.

Having got to that stage I think I can launch into one of the projects I planned with 
my fabrics from Japan - I feel a bit of modern 'Boro" coming on. Now that is a conflict 
of terms surely. Check out my previous post from Japan on 13 November if you 
are not sure what Boro is.

And I am desperate to start it while the idea is still new and in my head! It is quite 
exciting to feel so inspired after the trip.