Monday, 3 December 2012

1800s Schoolgirl's Quilt

Since getting back from Japan I have been stitching my Flower Garden Hexagons 
onto the background. 

I finally decided on the random layout and came to the conclusion that is is actually quite hard to be random. I kept up on ending up with them in straight lines or in diagonal lines.
But after much moving around and auditioning I got it!!

This is the final layout with borders on - now a little hand quilting will finish it off.

Having got to that stage I think I can launch into one of the projects I planned with 
my fabrics from Japan - I feel a bit of modern 'Boro" coming on. Now that is a conflict 
of terms surely. Check out my previous post from Japan on 13 November if you 
are not sure what Boro is.

And I am desperate to start it while the idea is still new and in my head! It is quite 
exciting to feel so inspired after the trip.


  1. I think 'boro' is as much a state of mind/design as the state of the cloth used ;-) Sounds good. Going random with the hexagon flowers worked well - having a prime number of motifs helps with randomness IMHO.

  2. Having an odd number of hexagons helps your 1800s quilt to work.Like the fabrics too.I know the feeling of inspiration overtaking the time needed to finish a previous quilt.Happens to me all the time. Discipline ! Oh dear. Where does it go.
    I am at present really enthused by 1800's and of course Japanese themes are always with me. Really looking forward to seeing how modern Boro develops. Go Robyn.

  3. Love the hexagons!!!