Monday, 7 January 2013

Embroidered Flower Garden

Happy New Year everyone - I hope it has started off well for you. Mine started with 
family in Wellington and lots of sewing time.

My Embroidery Quilt is now ready for binding.This is the one that I have been working 
on for about six months! I started it in a class at the shop (Patchwork Passion,
Auckland, NZ) with Alison Smith. We chose a piece of fabric to Embroider and
Embellish and  this was mine. Some of you who have been following my Blog 
for a while will recognise this as posted about it last year

My fabric is piece is half a metre by the width of the fabric and this is how it looks 
now - all embroidered and embellished with beads in places.  I am hoping to have it on 
display at the Auckland Quiltmakers' Show in Parnell over the first weekend in May 2013

Every flower is different - either different stitches or stitch combinations, different 
colours, different threads, different centres, beads, yoyos or tiny fabric flower centres.
It has been so much fun to create - thank you Alison.

These are some of my favourite flowers - beading,

. . . . . . . cross stitch as a filler and a few beads in a ring in the centre,

 . . . . . . . a focus on the gold centre with couched wrinkly blue thread as the outline,  

. . . . . . .green blanket stitch of various lengths with a centre pre-made flower,

. . . . . a filler of a couched grid,

. . . . . herringbone stitched outline with metal bead as the centrepiece,

. . . .  three lines of chain stitch in shades of taupe as the outline and a yoyo in the centre,

and last my all-time favourite - seed stitch to fill using a variegated twisted thread.

I chose a green shot cotton for the backing and have outline quilted each flower. 
I think the binding will be in the same green fabric.

Alison will be running a monthly embroidery group at the shop on a Monday morning
if you would like to join her. I certainly enjoyed sitting at nights a stitching new flowers 
with all the new threads I had discovered and the new stitches and stitch 
combinations she had shared.

And one of my New Year Resolutions is to post more regularly on my Blog!
So see you back here soon,  Robyn


  1. Hi Robyn, I'm back and it looks like I've been missing out on some exciting stuff. Love, love, love the embroidered flowers - what a fabulous idea and such a clever way to highlight gorgeous stitches.

  2. I love your quilt Robyn. The green for the binding is gorgeous too.

  3. Stunning Robyn. I am sitting up in bed drooling at the photos - makes me want to leap up and rush into the sewing room. Maybe I'll have another read of my Sue Spargo book of stitches to really fire me up,