Sunday, 3 March 2013

Retreat and Progress

I have just spent a wonderful few days at our Quilt Groups Retreat from 2.00pm Friday until 3.00pm Monday. And what a treat t has been - hours and hours of dedicated sewing with like minded mates. Meals cooked, a stunning venue - live in so no chores at all!

I have been worked on several projects - some of which  you will see over the next few
weeks / months.

But the major focus has been on my sister-in-laws quilt. You will have seen the zig-zag 
panels that I posted a few weeks ago - well now we have an applqiue panel going up in between them.

This is the flower that is scattered up the vine along with leaves and buds..

And this a photo of two thirds of the quilt minus borders. (not great sorry- it is so 
hard to get it all in - it is big!). There is one more applique panel to go on and another 
zig-zag panel and finally borders.

I have asked about dates available with the thought that we might be 
able to organise a retreat through the shop - it is so much fun and you get so much 
sewing done  - we have learnt to head off with several projects ready to sew to give 
variety and because with late night we get so much achieved.