Monday, 30 September 2013

Quilts in Las Vegas

Hi from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

What an amazing city - full of colour, people, casinos and massive hotels all along The Strip.

But out in the suburbs we found a true American Antique Mall - lots and lots of individual 
stalls within a huge warehouse style building. It was beautifully laid out with each individual 
stall holder making a fabulous display of their wares. 

The first stall - all in black and white. And in amongst the stalls were quilts.

Nine Patch on green

The green background fabric and the price -  yes $85.00

Irish Chain

Tree Quilt

Purple Quilt - $48.99

Purple Quilt Block

Purple Quilt Signature and dates

Simple Squares

Cushion - $18.95

Rag Rug

Tomorrow - feedsacks and the 1930s quilt that I bought.

And feedsacks

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hexies In The Grand Canyon

How is this for a cool hexagon design?

This photo was taken a the Grand Canyon, USA and I haven't cropped it as I 
thought you might have fun trying to figure out where it is taken!!!!

OK - those are my shoes at the bottom of the photo but what is at the top?
You might be surprised.

We are having a great holiday in the Canyon area of America but most people 
don't take photos like that one!!!!!

Other people's are more like this:

or this:

That first one was taken in restroom floor - that is the loo bowl at the top!!!!!!
Sorry I just couldn't resist not cropping it out.
But wouldn't that make a great border on a hexie quilt.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

San Fran - Fabric and America's Cup

This was just a morning’s deviation on the way to watch the Amercia’s Cup 
Racing – which by the way we lost and the second race was postponed 
due to too much wind. Hopefully tomorrow Dean and his team will bring it home.

Britex is a four floor shop just off Union Square in San Francisco and it is full 
of fabric of various kinds.

Of course I headed for the quilting fabrics on the second floor and 
found these two. I was looking for 1930s fabric but this was as close as I 
could get – not actual reproduction, but I liked it.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Stunning Mola Cushions

These are two cushions that my staff made me for my recent birthday.
I was so thrilled with them and it was such a surprise - I had no idea that they 
were planning and stitching around me.

Missy the cat was seriously impressed too and wouldn't get out of the way of the photo!
She was moved several times but kept coming back.
Finally Mark had to hold her!!!

They has been reverse appliqued and then embroidered.
You can see it more in the close up below.

This is the second cushion.

And a close up.

And the cushion guard back on duty!

No they are not hers! They are mine and I love them.
What a simply wonderful birthday present.
Thank you guys.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Taupe Hexie Cushion

This cushion celebrates two of my ongoing favourites in quilting  - Japanese 
woven taupe fabrics and hexagons.

I really like this variation on the Grandmother's Flower Garden Layout.

It is a great project for your scraps or we did make kitsets for the Hamilton 
Craft and Quilt Fair and they sold out so now we are cutting more - 30 different 
woven taupe fabrics is a bit of a challenge but I think we can do again.

Back tomorrow with more from the Show.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dragonfly Pin Cushions

As many of you will know I have been away at eh Hamilton Quilt and Craft Show.
This is why you have seen many posts from me lately.
We like to release lots of new projects at the Show.
But now I can start showing you some of these new projects.

First up is a set of Dragonfly Pin Cushions. Each pin cushion uses a different technique.

Traditional Applique

Fused Applique and machine quilting

Wool applique

Hand Embroidery

We have these for sale as individual kits or a complete set. I thought these would
 make quick and easy handmade gifts for your sewing friends. - you can never 
have too many pin cushions!

Back soon with another project to share.