Monday, 30 September 2013

Quilts in Las Vegas

Hi from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

What an amazing city - full of colour, people, casinos and massive hotels all along The Strip.

But out in the suburbs we found a true American Antique Mall - lots and lots of individual 
stalls within a huge warehouse style building. It was beautifully laid out with each individual 
stall holder making a fabulous display of their wares. 

The first stall - all in black and white. And in amongst the stalls were quilts.

Nine Patch on green

The green background fabric and the price -  yes $85.00

Irish Chain

Tree Quilt

Purple Quilt - $48.99

Purple Quilt Block

Purple Quilt Signature and dates

Simple Squares

Cushion - $18.95

Rag Rug

Tomorrow - feedsacks and the 1930s quilt that I bought.

And feedsacks

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  1. Dear Robyn,

    Sounds like you have sourced the feedsacks you have been on a mission for. I'm off to quilting at PP soon. Look forward to your return, C