Saturday, 5 December 2015

Row 4 Quilting of Sophie

Row four of "Sophie's Garden" is quilted - well almost - as I was taking the 
photos I realised that one block is not quite done!

The applique is outlined as always and the triangles quilted down the light side.
The background quilting follows the lines on the fabric

The star is quilted the same as the other stars as are he half square 
triangle units. I picked up some of the oval shapes on the bottom border. 

Applique outlined, side borders follow some of the vertical lines, as does the background.
Yes the bottom border needs quilting - I will go down some of the lines on the 
fabric - probably every third or fourth one with the darker thread.

House - firstly I embroidered the windows, then outline quilted the house and 
around the door and windows, across the top of the grass, down the dark lines 
on the roof  and the side of the house, lines across on the front section
of the house. Lines across following the dots on the background - every fifth row.
And it needs a French Knot for a door handle.

Off now to fix those things and then finish off Row Five before choosing the
 quilting stencil designs for the two borders.


  1. So nice and tranquil colors! House is really cute! Windows are so tiny, I can imagine how much efforts it took to complete it.

  2. Cool,I like the idea.

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