Thursday, 8 March 2012

China Aster Block

This is the next Yoko Saito block - she called it China Aster.It has been enlarged up to 20"
 and has taken quite a while to applique, but then time for sewing lately has been limited.

I have three blocks this size in the quilt and only one more to do. To go with these blocks 
are the smaller ones which get put together in units of four. Then there are the longer blocks. 
Soon I will have filled enough gaps to be able to take a photo and to give you an idea on how 
they are all going to go together.

These are the four Jo Morton blocks I have got made so far. At Club the other day almost 
everyone had three blocks made - I finished the peppers block on the night after class.

What a difference in these two projects - own has such big blocks with lots of little pieces 
and the other has little blocks with not many pieces.

I am off now to get the Yoko Saito Project basket to take to group tomorrow night - hopefully
I will get another block  prepared and ready to sew - I  think it will have to be a smaller one to achieve that tomorrow night.


  1. That was worth the wait Robyn - fabulous. Good balance in the block, and the colours are so subtle.

    You put my slow applique progress to shame - and I can't plead work as an excuse as you work hard too! Such discipline!


    1. Thanks Alison - you should start up a Blog - it is a great way to keep going and on target with your quilting!!!! I get the 'guilts' if I don't post often enough so get sewing - how sad is that!!!!

      You guys that comment regularly are really what keep a Blogger inspired and posting.


  2. Another gorgeous block Robyn.

  3. Just finished day one of my course with Michele Hill - now Iwant to embroider and embellish every block I complete - evern slower progress from now on! But worth it - what a difference a bit of tu- tuing makes! Haven't taken any tutoring for years and now i'm all fired up!

  4. These look just lovely. Note: The China Aster block looks even more stunning in real life!