Friday, 23 March 2012

Next Block

Oh it is so good to be back to some dedicated sewing time, although the garden 
did get a little attention this morning.

Having prepared this little block yesterday I had time to sit and sew while we
watched the Blues Rugby team loose to Wellington last night. With a dedicated Wellington supporter living with us at the moment the last few minutes were just too much!!! 
For those who weren't watching we were winning up until then.

I do find it interesting how different some fabrics look when photographed.
I often wonder what they look like on your screen and they do all seem to vary.
This background and all the others in this quilt are really quite gold in colour.
They are much darker than I usually work with in traditional applique projects.

Now that I have decided how I want to layout these little blocks I just can't get the 
applique finished fast enough! It really is motivating to have time and the
next stage sorted.


  1. Another lovely little block. The fabrics on my screen Robyn are a pinky type of taupe but because everything else is distored in colour they all seem to blend rather nicely - bonus!
    I think we are having the weather you may have had last week, it's very wet and cold - just perfect for stitching.
    Have a good weekend

  2. looking beautiful, what method of needle turn do you use?

  3. Going like a rocket Robyn - are you already thinking about your next project? This afternoon I trolled around the internet looking for ideas for my quilt group's Christmas challenge. Will soon be here! In the meantime better get on with some stitching myself.

  4. Thanks Alison - I always seem to have a line up of projects. On the list at the moment is a Cot Quilt for a nephew and his expectant wife, a new French General design and then I want to try some art quilts!!!!. So an ever growing list is normal for me. And I do keep a book with ongoing list and tick them off when they are done or cross them off when I decided not to do them - it is a great record of where you have been. Robyn

  5. Hi there Leeanne - thank you for all your regular comments. I use Freezer Paper applique - I have tried needle turn but it doesn't work that well for me. Then a few weeks ago we heard about back tacking so I tried that. But I am happiest with Freezer Paper even for very small circles. I guess I have been doing it for so long now that it is second nature. Robyn

  6. This is very cute. I love the gold fabrics as a background - it looks very warm and restful.