Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jo's Block Layout

I have had a play on paper with the layout that was in my head for my Jo Morton blocks.

The applique blocks are the little random shapes and each one is surrounded by
four triangles of the same colour to put them on point.

I will piece these in-between blocks as a block unit.

So I have to finish all the applique blocks first so I can get my layout of the pieced blocks right. 

This is a rough layout using the applique blocks I have finished and a few cut triangles.
 I have given little attention to colour placement, but this rough layout will give me an idea of how the design will look. As you can probably see nothing is sewn together yet.

I will need to deal with how the edges will be finished off before the borders go 
on - maybe by drawing will work - we'll see.

Back soon, Robyn


  1. The blocks really pop when surrounded by those muddy triangles. Going to be interesting.

  2. It's so interesting to read more about the process of putting the overall quilt together. It's looking lovely.