Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jo's Peppers

I have had such a busy time lately that not much sewing has been done - just moments 
grabbed before heading off to bed. But once the Craft and Sewing Show is over it will be 
back to some serious sewing.

I have finished one more Jo Morton block - just a little 7" one. So that is four done now 
and I think I might need thirteen - I haven't quite decided on the layout yet.

I really like this block - it is so nice to have a change from the usual floral applique blocks.
I also like Jo's blocks because they are so like the ones women were creating in the 
1800s - just simple little blocks with stems and single or a few flowers.

I'll be back soon with the next big Yoko Saito block.


  1. Have missed your postings Robyn - but I know you have had Michelle Hill there. I am taking her class at the weekend - so excited.

    Another nice block - this quilt will be interesting. How is the Japanese one coming along?


  2. Another gorgeous block. Just love the fabrics.