Friday, 24 February 2012

Jo Morton Block 3

Yeah, it was good to get back to some applique - I am convinced that is my favourite 
technique. I find it relaxing and can do it in front of TV and in a social setting.

But I do need to keep at the quilting, so back to it tonight, but this is the next little 
Jo Morton block - just 6 1/2" finished.

Have a great weekend. Robyn


  1. Another lovely block Robyn. Applique would be my favourite technique too, but, I do love stitcheries thanks to you, because ? years ago I did a class with you and since then I've been hooked

  2. And I love "real" applique - not just iron on! We need to start a club - but then we would have to make rules!

    Oh for your energy Robyn, haven't stitched for several nights and getting twitchy.

    Always inspiring.