Thursday, 2 February 2012

Yoko Saito Strawberry

This is the next block in the Yoko Siato quilt and it has been much more fun to do than
I thought it would be. I was initially put off by all the small pieces, but actually they weren't that small or intricate as I originally thought.

This block is 21" by 11" and is not actually finished - I have lots of embroidery to do 
in it yet. The stems are stem stitched so far. I will repost when it is finished so you can see the difference some embroidery makes on these Yoko Saito blocks - she uses 
stitchery a lot to add to her applique blocks.


  1. Stunning - different from the other blocks, somehow more delicate. I could see this as a border - imagine all that work, but knowing the speed you work Robyn it would be done in no time!

    Can't wait to see everything together.


  2. It's looking really nice Robyn. Looking forward to seeing the embroidery added. I must try adding embroidery to my hand applique sometime.