Sunday, 6 October 2013

Santa Monica Airport Antique Market

We have just returned from the Antique and Collectibles Market set up at the 
Santa Monica Airport on the first and fourth Sunday each month.
Apparently the fourth Sunday is the biggest one, but this one was worth a visit.
It wasn't crowded with shoppers so we were able to get a good look at each stall.

I would have loved this market to have been close to the shop as there was so 
much in the way of vintage furniture and bits and pieces that would have made 
great additions to the shop, but I just had to dream!!!!

I did however pick up a quilt top - cot sized that was probably pieced in the 1930s.
I have photographed in two halves so I can get it all in.


Some blocks are made from all of one fabric while others are a mixture of fabrics.


Some are hand pieced and others are machine pieced, I can't see any pattern 
in the hand or machine work - it just appears to be random.

We are off home soon so the next post will come from NZ.