Thursday, 23 May 2013

Japanese Taupe Challenge 2

You may remember my previous Taupe Challenge Post on 2 April - well this is
the second one. We have to make a 9" square piece each month and each 
of the nine people in the group get to  set the topic. I was up first for Month 1 
and chose "Leaves No Flowers".

Month two was Cindy's turn to choose a topic and she chose "A Pieced Block". 
This is my month two piece.

As you can see I am working n a specific colour palette. I really enjoyed the 
embroidery that I did down each seam line. Now it is off to think about the
coming month. We will be exhibiting them at the shop at the end of the year, so 
you will be able to see what everyone else did and of course they do look so much 
better in real life - a photo is good but not that good.


  1. How interesting. Love the colour choice, can't beat that Japanese fabric ! Your little 9" square must have been a real challenge with those small leaves. And Yes, Cindy, I really like the feather stitch around your block. Well done.

  2. Thanks Cyndy - sorry I didn't write that post very well - it was Cindy's topic choice and my pieced block to match her topic. I have been back in and made it clearer. Thank you for your ongoing comments. They really are appreciated.