Friday, 30 May 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Progess

This week has been busy on my Patchwork of the Crosses. It is just so addictive.

I have been working on getting more of my Crosses blocks surrounded 
in the background fabric.

This a new block that I finished last night - I have been trying to get away from the
 centre of the Crosses block always being the focal point.

I now have five joined up for the first row which will probably need to be seven if I am 
doing the full size quilt - it depends where it all comes to the bed. 

I have just been and laid it out on our double bed and it comes to the edges and 
very slightly over the edge so maybe that is enough as it looks quit nice as a topper on our textured cream bedspread that goes to the floor.

So I think make it five across and get a few more rows made  and joined on and 
then review the decision. As you can see from the photo only one row is actually
joined - the other blocks are just placed in position.

Yes she always has to have pride of place!!
And yes the bedspread needs washing often thanks to her!!
Things will have to change when Patchwork of the Crosses gets into pride of place!


  1. I love your latest block Robyn. The blocks you have completed look perfect on your bed. You should be very happy with your progress.

  2. Thanks Barbara - looking forward to seeing what you create now you have joined our 'addiction'. Robyn