Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Baby Pink Stitcheries

These are the stitcheries achieved this morning and tonight.


I am stitching with my favourite thread from Japan - Cosmo. It comes in reels of two strands.
This is colour #383. Most of the colours are greyed tones like this musky pink.


I transferred the designs by tracing them with a pigma pen, which can be a bit spooky 
because it is permanent, so where you draw is definitely where you stitch! 
But the line is very fine so is easy to cover with the two strands of embroidery thread.


In case the words are hard to read they say: Hushabye Baby, Good Night, 
Wake Up Bright and  Sweet Dreams.

Maybe I can get another one or two finished tonight as tomorrow is a holiday - well sort 
of - we will be starting the move into the new shop later in the morning. A sleep-in might be needed first as we have a big and probably long few days coming up.


  1. Just too cute. I love it. Hope the move goes well. I will miss the gorgeous little cottage, but, look forward to visiting and of course shopping in the new shop. Hope you give yourselves time to relax today

  2. Wow, where will your new shop be? Will you post photo's, will it be as sweet as what you have now?

  3. Thanks for all your comments. The move in underway - we did the back room stuff today and will do the rest once the shop shuts on Saturday and then sort it all out on Sunday and be ready for business and group on Monday morning!

    It is just a hop, skip and jump done the road - 141 footsteps to be precise, so not very far at all. The new number is 335 - it was 355 - how confusing is that? Yes I will post some photos once we get the window display done - oh wow we have a window to decorate - a bed is already out up in the window ready for a quilt. See you down there after Monday. Robyn