Friday, 13 April 2012

Sashiko Noshi

Hi from sunny Nelson. I am teaching at the Mini-Symposium here. 
Today was the first day of a two day sashiko class with a lovely friendly, chatty group 
of women from various places around NZ.

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese stitch – usually stitched in white or ecru thread on 
an indigo background. In this class we are stitching a noshi ribbon. Each ribbon has a 
different design stitched in it. This is a close up of another project but it gives you an
idea of what the stitch looks like close up.

The stitch is a running stitch that has to be even. There are a few rules to the stitching: no stitch can touch another stitch, the stitch is slightly larger than the space between, stitch are supposed to be between 4 and 8 stitches to an inch. Once you get your hand and eye in sinc. It is quite relaxing to do – for those who like hand stitching!


  1. Now, just a couple of hours south and you could come to our little spot of paradise *wink*
    Have a great time in sunny Nelson
    p.s. love the stitching.
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. That top pattern is suck your breath in gorgeous. There is something about Japanese design that is so right and correct.

    I habe done two classes with you on sashiko and still steuggle with it. More practise would be helpful.

    Nice change to see this.