Monday, 16 April 2012

More Sashiko

My two day class at Tasman Mini Symposium finished well with everyone getting 
a good amount of their Noshi Wallhanging done. The next day I taught another Sashiko 
Class – this class featured a Sakura (Cherry Blossom) branch.

I used hand dyed threads – a subtle pink for the blossoms and a subtle green for the
branches and leaves. The fabrics are all old indigo or kimono fabrics. The dark indigo background would have been in and out of the natural indigo dye pot about 20 times 
to achieve this depth of colour. The green is dyed in the same process as the indigo
but gardenia seeds are added to the mixture to turn the blue to green. 
The border fabric is recycled male kimono fabric.

My students in class used modern fabrics for theirs and several used ecru for the leaves 
and branches and then moved into the traditional red for the sakura blossoms 
and that looked great too.

It has been great to teach in Nelson at another Mini Symposium – I taught at the 
Picton one and the Timaru one and I really enjoy the smaller and more relaxed 
atmosphere of these Mini versions of our National Symposium.
I have a half day class to report on tomorrow - another sashiko project.


  1. the cherry blossom block looks just so sweet, darn it I wish I had been able to get away and take a class with you. Have a safe trip back Robyn.
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. Thanks Miche'le - the Cherry Blossom is one of my favourites. You can tell it is Cherry Blossom because each petal has a slight nick out of it. The blossoms look spectacular in full bloom in Japan - I especially love the weeping Cherry Trees like this design depicts. I will try and find a photo of the real ones to add to the Blog. Robyn