Sunday, 8 April 2012

Clover or Not

This is the next Yoko Saito block - but it has been changed!!!

 It is supposed to be Clover and the leaves do look like Clover - just as she designed them.
But the Clover flowers have undergone a change - they were supposed to be a bundle of
French Knots like this.

But my background was too light a colour for ecru French Knots. 
So I thought I would make a red background for the ecru Knots to sit on.

But I tried and tried various options of ecru French Knots on the red - big chunky ones, 
more delicate ones, I had them close together, I had them further apart, but basically I 
didn't like any of them so they all came off.

And now the block looks that a the top and I have renamed it Red Clover and moved on.

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