Saturday, 21 April 2012

Caught Napping

This the next in the Yoko Saito series of blocks - it is 10" square.
It was a good quick one to make compared to that last 20" one. 

I am thinking that this one will balance the Owl block I made earlier and maybe 
the House one too as all the rest are floral.

It is from a different book than the others - "120 Original Embroidery Designs" also
by Yoko Saito. I have enlarged the block and turned in into applique instead of embroidery.

Just two blocks to go - one quick and easy and one not so  - it has lots of tiny ovals on it - no wonder I left that one until last!


  1. You are having a busy weekend of stitching Robyn. I've just been outside in the garden making the most of the sun. My cat has been inside doing what your applique cat is doing. Oh to be a cat!

  2. Yes I think I will come back as a cat in the next life!! One of mine was napping inside while the other one was following me around the garden yesterday. Wasn't it a good day to get out into those weeds.

    That cat block was really fast to stitch and the big Anemone was almost finished. Hopefully I will get the next one stitched tonight as it is a fast one too. I am looking forward to getting the blocks all put together soon - well after the move and the Quiltmakers Show the following weekend.

  3. The cat block is just too cute. You have obviously had an enjoyable weekend of appliqueing