Sunday, 8 April 2012


Magnolia is the other block appliqued in Taupo over the weekend - it was quite quick to do too.

I like the spin on this one and of course another touch of blue.

I hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter with just the right amount 
of sewing squeezed in, Robyn


  1. I've just got back from Taupo myself - I'm so surprised I didn't bump into you somewhere! Your blocks look lovely. I just took cross-stitch with me for a little break from my sewing machine.

  2. Very pretty block.Yes nice weekend here, stitching & enjoying the sun.

  3. Two more gorgeous blocks Robyn. Haven't done much in the way of stitchingm but, have reorganized my stash. Three of us spent 5 hours gardening on saturday at my late parents home. Anyone want to buy a house in Putaruru?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hope all goes well for you at Symposium

  4. Great progress - how lovely to have sunshine, time away, meeting some other stitchers and a safe journey home once more. Some stitching in my house too - I am working on our group's challenge for Christmas (don't laugh - it's romping towards us). I am so fortunate to be married to an engineer - I just trotted down the stairs, asked for a 5/8" bias bar and find the completed one ready to go within half an hour!

  5. Great comments - thanks you guys. You all sound as though you had a productive weekend too and wasn't it so nice to see the sun. Elizabeth - a re-organised stash must feel so good. And Putaruru eh - I was born there. And Alison - aren't supportive and helpful husbands just the best. Robyn