Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I am running a Cushion Club at the shop. Each month I teach a new technique. 
So far we have done hand applique and strip piecing with machine quilting.

The next class is Foundation Piecing. 
This is the cushion top that I have made for this class.

I have used a lovely shot cotton Japanese fabric for the background and three different 
murky pink prints for the flower petals - also Japanese.

I have done some chunky hand quilting around the flower pieces using my favourite 
Cosmo embroidery thread # 383. I seem to have a bit of an addiction to this chunky 
quilting a the moment, but it so quick and easy to do.


  1. One of my brothers is a cabinetmaker and this cushion reminds me of the tables he used to make with inlaid wood. Very attractive and different from what we usually see here Robyn.

  2. Thanks Alison - it is different for me. Foundation Piecing is not one of my favourite techniques, but it really is essential for skinny points like on this block. SO it is a good skill to have in your toolbox. But I did use fabric that I love - the chocolate fabric has such a soft red toning. Robyn

  3. I really love that chunky look hand quilting - it looked great on your modern cushions too. I must come and have a lesson with you sometime.

  4. I love the hand quilting too - plus the fabrics! That's two more techniques it would be great to learn - foundation piecing & hand quilting. So much fun...

  5. Thanks Megan and Megan - I do have a bit of a current addiction to this chunky quilting. I like the look of it and the speed at which you can get it done.

    I teach a variety of techniques at Cushion Club on a Wednesday night once a month - maybe it is a possible class for you to attend. This cushion is for he next one on 18 April 7.00pm - 9.00pm