Monday, 16 April 2012

Last Sashiko Class

This was the final sashiko class that I ran at the Tasman Mini Symposium.

This was an easier one for people as we had a stencil to use to transfer the pattern 
on with which is so much easier than using Carbon Paper. 

Using indigo as a background does pose problems with getting the design transferred 
on, as tracing through navy fabric is just plain impossible. So we need to use Burda Dressmakers Carbon Paper.

I had three different designs for people to choose from.

I used a hand dyed sashiko thread in a soft murky pink. This thread comes from a small
town in the mountains in Japan where there is a dedicated sashiko shop.


  1. I bet your attendees really loved doing this - the patterns are lovely!

  2. It's great you have been to the actual shop the thread comes from.

  3. Thanks for your comments. After all this sashiko teaching I feel that it is time for a sashiko revival - I haven't taught it at the shop for ages. Once we get moved down the road to number 335 instead of 355 Onehunga Mall I think a sashiko display is called for and maybe I should turn some of my classes into patterns. I wonder what I could do to tweek them into a 'modern' look - maybe orange on white or teal on grey - who knows but it is food for thought. Not that hand stitching is big in the modern movement, but who knows - maybe I could change that too!!!!!! Robyn

  4. Give it a go Robyn. Everyone loves the look of handwork and every now and then you get someone who doesn't shake their head at the thought of actually doing it. Time and again the viewers choice winner at shows is hand done. Mind you, I think I am the converted talking to the converted here.

  5. Thanks Alison - I am thinking that I might have to do a modern coloured one. When I have finished the new sashiko project that I started over the weekend - didn't get much done but it is good to have a piece to be working on to demonstrate with while teaching. This is a new table runner to release at the Hamilton Craft and Sewing Show.
    You are right about preaching to the converted - if I can possibly hand stitch it - I will. It is so much more relaxing than jumping on the machine at night.