Monday, 23 April 2012

Baby Quilt

I made these blocks several months ago, but haven't got around to doing the 
stitchery on them - now is the time as I think I want to do some hand quilting on it too.
So I needed to get going or the baby would be born and the quilt wouldn't be ready.

This is the Provence pattern that we have in the shop made up in French General fabric. 
I have added two more blocks to make the quilt cot size instead of square.

I had bigger pieces of the brown fabric in and was about to take them right out when Mark suggested that I just made them smaller. What a good idea that turned out to be. 
They were way to dominant before.

The stitchery animals were taken from Yoko Saito's book "120 Original Embroidery Designs".

You will recognise the cat stitchery - it is the one that I enlarged for the applique on my Yoko Saito taupe quilt. The background fabric is a bit paler than it looks here.

The idea of the words came from a fabric design by Bunny Hill fabrics.


  1. This is really, really lovely! If I had a baby to make a quilt for, I'd be asking for instructions or a kit! I love the Yoko Saito embroidery too - it goes so well with the French General fabrics.

  2. This is so gorgeous. Lucky baby