Sunday, 26 June 2016

Boro Patching Ideas for Instastitch

Here are some ideas for making your piece into 'real' Boro.

Patch stitched on with sashiko stitching and indigo sashiko thread. 
 And then surrounded by one of Sue Spargo's circle suggestions in
Valldani Perle # 8 Variegated thread.

Patched with matching sashiko thread stitching.


Patched from the back with the colour showing through the holes
You can create holes if need be!!!
These ones were real.
Pity about the very messy back!!!!

Grided sashiko stitching to secure the patch in variegated thread.
Note that the stitching goes just passed the edge of the patch.

This patch is caught in with the sashiko stitched rows and nothing else.

This patch was stitched on with patching sashiko thread just in from the 
outside edges. The feature circular stitching design of Sue's was 
added - basically ignoring the patch - just go up and over it.

Block Five should be up online soon - I can't wait.

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