Sunday, 26 June 2016

Japanese Boro Instastitch Stitching Close Ups

As promised here are some close up photos of my stitching
on the first four of Sue Spargo's  Instastitch blocks.

Sashiko stitching in indigo sashiko thread following the lines on the weave 
of the fabric.

Same idea - Sashiko stitching in Ecru sashiko thread.

Same idea  - in tan and blue sashiko thread.

French knots in tan Sashiko thread - one wrap around the needle.

Sashiko stitched in tan Sashiko thread - a traditional Sashiko design 
known as Yarai (Bamboo Fence).

Randomly spaced rows or sashiko stiching on the persimmon dyed fabric
and seed stiching on the indigo using Sue's Eleganza #8 Variegated Perle
thread - colour number EZM17 thread.

Sashiko stitched circles - Ecru Sashiko thread.

French Knots on the rows of the persimmon dyed fabric (looking
way too bright in this photo).

Sashiko stitching in EZM17 on the indigo fabric -  a traditional Sashiko 
design called Kasumi. Because Japan is so mountainous mist 
is a common occurrence, so is often depicted in traditional 
Japanese landscapes.

Back soon with patching ideas.

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