Thursday, 9 June 2016

1800s Cross Stitch

Despite having several quilting projects on the go, my 
1800s Schoolgirl Sampler is making some progress.

It now looks more like a sampler now that it has the alphabet
being stitched.

I so like the story behind this design. It is taken from "Sarah's House" 
by Blackbird Designs. The original Sampler made by Sarah was never finished.
It seems that she realized that there was not going to be enough room 
for the whole alphabet to fit in the space that she had allowed.
So this might be why she never finished it.

Mine of course is not finished either as the top row needs more letters
and then there is a stitched vine border to go all around it.
But it will always only get up to 'S' in the alphabet.

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