Saturday, 18 June 2016

Little Quilts For NICU

The last week or so has seen me busy making these six Little Quilts
for our Community Progamme. These Little Quilts go up to Auckland 
Hospital's Neo-Natal Intensive Unit.

These are the larger ones that stay in the Unit and cover the incubators 
to make the area look more homely and to reduce the light on the newborn babies.
They measure approximately one metre by 80 centimetres.

The pile is ready to go off to the wonderful ladies who hand sew the 
bindings down for me.

These two are panels just simply quilted.
We have lovely wholesalers that donated these fabrics.
It is always so good to see them swing in behind our programme with donations.

This one uses our pre-printed black and white sashing fabric. It will be a shop 
sample for a while giving ideas on how to use the fabric and then 
it will go up to the hospital.

We get such wonderful feedback from the staff when I deliver a pile 
at the end of each month, from the Nurse in charge of the until who sends 
lovely photos of babies using the quilts and from families who comment if 
they meet me or some even send lovely emails or letters.

These two are just simple squares made from scraps and put together with a while
background print. The quilting is simple - either straight down beside the seams or diagonally across the squares.

The smaller ones that we have always made are now too small for the modern 
incubators, but they are still given to families to take home with the babies.
The smaller ones measure a minimum of 20" by 24".

If you would like to make some of these quilts for our programme
we would love you to join us. Use your bright or pastel scraps and have fun.
Please don't use wool bating in them as the hospital washing system
is too hot for that.We usually use our 80/20 Cotton/Polyester batting
 but Polyester is fine too.

Send your Little Quilts into the shop or drop them in when you are in.


  1. Lovely! Just yesterday I mentioned the few I had made on my blog with a link back to you. I have already had one reader interested in making some..........spread the word!

    1. Thanks Leeanne - it is great to have your support of our project.