Saturday, 25 June 2016

Japanese Boro Instastitch

This is Sue Spargo Instastitch that I am making in my old Japanese fabrics.

I am so enjoying this project. Sue publishes a new block
each month. It is online and free. 

Sue gives you the piecing plan and suggestions for the hand stitched
embellishing. I am deviating a bit from the stitching plan so I can 
keep my piece looking a little more traditionally Japanese.

I have sashiko stitched these circles instead of Sue's back stitched suggestion.

I have seed stitched (on the left) rather than Tete de Boeuf Stitches
and have added some vertical sashiko stitching in the piece beside it.

I decided to add a touch tan colour here with French Knots (I know not very Japanese).
The fabric that I am using in this colour have mostly been dyed with 
persimmon juice, so they too are special.


Sue embroidered leaves in this section.
But here I have used a piece of old fabric that I bought at the Boro Museum 
Shop in Japan. It was two pieces of old fabric sashiko stitched together 
and the shop had little bundles for sale.
You can see the front of my piece on the left and the back on the right.
I have used the same piece in reverse in block 3.

I am so enjoying using these special pieces from my collection.

Back soon with a post on stitching close ups and another on patching ideas.

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